Make the Most of Your Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Cookie dough fundraisers have been a popular way to raise money for schools, sports teams and other non profit organization. Cookie dough fundraiser companies provide tubs or boxes of frozen cookie dough for your group to sell. Your group takes advance orders and/or buys a certain number of cases ahead of time and then sells it.

Here are some ways to boost the sales of your cookie dough fundraiser:

1. Plan your sale way in advance and let your sellers know ahead of time about the cookie dough fundraiser.

2. Set goals for the cookie dough fundraiser. Decide ahead of time how much money needs to be raised. From this goal fundraising amount calculate how many units of cookie dough will need to be sold. Let your sellers know what their individual goals are.

3. Set a reasonable time limit for getting all the orders in from participants.

4. Offer prizes for participants who sell the minimum amount.

5. Offer a big prize for the person who sells the most cookie dough.

6. Create “teams” of sellers and provide a pizza party or other incentive for the group who sells the most.

7. If your organization is short the minimum order, the organization can fund the difference and sell them later.

8. Use extra cookie dough supply or buy extra to make cookies. Sell cookies at a bake sale, sports game, at school, or anywhere there are people. If your baking oven is near your selling table it’s even better – people can’t resist when they smell the warm aroma of cookies baking!

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Sandra Sims has been fundraising for various charities for over 10 years. She is the publisher of Step By Step Fundraising newsletter, which will help you get maximum results from your charity fundraising campaign. To get a free copy of the special report “The 5 Keys to Successful Fundraising” visit

Top 10 Tips for Event Fundraisers

1. Events take volunteers. Usually a lot of them! Carefully consider how much manpower it will take to pull off the event you are considering.

2. The chair for the event should not do all the work. If applicable, set up committees for each aspect of the event. (i.e. publicity, decorations, food, etc.)

3. Keep the costs of the event low! This is a major factor in any fundraising campaign. Your costs should be 25% or less of the gross receipts from the event. Try to get as much donated as possible! If your costs are zero, ALL the money goes toward the cause.

4. Don’t fall for the idea of “Build it and they will come.” It may have worked in the movie Field of Dreams, but does not work in real life! People need a compelling reason to come to the event besides the opportunity to give to your charity.

5. Remember that advertising such as TV, billboards and signs are important, but do not guarantee people will come to the event. Only a very small percentage of the people who see the advertisement will actually come. Many times the best advertisement is word of mouth.

6. Choose events that will be fun or unique.

7. Events do not have to be large to be successful! Selling donuts at work, homebaked cookies, dinner parties, raffles…there are lots of great small events. Some can even be organized by just one or two people.

8. Get an RSVP or sell tickets so you will KNOW how many people are coming to the event.

9. Match the type of event with you, your charity and your audience. If you have a good match you will be more likely to have a very successful event!

10. Get advice from other fundraisers who have put on successful events.

About the Author

Sandra Sims has been fundraising for various charities for over 10 years. She is the publisher of Step By Step Fundraising newsletter, which will help you get maximum results from your charity fundraising campaign. To get a free copy of the special report “The 5 Keys to Successful Fundraising” visit

Getting Prizes for Raffle Fundraisers

Raffles are one of the most popular and cost effective ways to raise money for a non profit organization. However, it would not be a raffle if you had nothing to give away!

So what kind of prizes should you have? First of all, put yourself in your potential supporter’s shoes – What if someone comes up to you and says they are selling raffle tickets? What prize would you like to win?

Here are some prizes that attract many people’s attention:

Cars – Sports cars, Luxury cars, SUV’s in this years model. Another great alternative is a completely restored classic / collector’s car. You may or may not be able to get this donated. If not, consider other types of prizes, since your profit will be higher if all items are donated.

Travel – Always a winner. Roundtrip Airfare, a package deal, a cruise, hotel stays, even airline miles all make great prizes. Most people love to travel and the biggest obstacle is usually cost. Now if they win this raffle, they’ll just have to take some vacation time and go.

The larger trips such as week-long cruises or packages with airfare and hotel may draw more ticket buyers. However, travel doesn’t have to be exotic to make a great prize. Even a weekend getaway within driving distance could be a great prize. As long as it’s a place people in your area would want to go to for a vacation. A one night stay at a local hotel is not usually as appealing.

Electronic Equipment – Big screen TVs, DVDs, and stereos. These are big incentives, especially for the guys.

Gift Certificates – For stores like Home Depot, Best Buy, and local or chain restaurants. These make great secondary prizes.

These are just a few examples. As mentioned earlier, it is important to offer a prize that your potential sellers will place a high value on. A Barbecue Grill, a Handmade Quilt, a Gourmet Dinner, all of these could be great prizes for the right audience.

Okay, okay. So I know what you are thinking. How do I go about getting these prizes?

The absolute best way is to survey the members of your organization. Every member could possibly have something of value to contribute to the prize pool. And if not, they may know somebody who can. Go for your biggest prize first, though. You need to secure that “hook” in order to have a viable raffle.

One of the raffle fundraisers that I organized raised over $1000, with just 5 ticket sellers! In case you are wondering, our prize was a big screen TV. The company I worked for at the time had a point system incentive program. I pooled my points with some of my co-workers to get the big prize.

I also sent out an email asking my friends and the other ticket sellers for donations. I quickly got several more donations including some nice watches. Lastly, I went to several local restaurants and they were more than happy to donate gift certificates. And BINGO, we had the makings of a great raffle!

About the Author

Sandra Sims has been fundraising for various charities for over 10 years. She is the publisher of Step By Step Fundraising newsletter, which will help you get maximum results from your charity fundraising campaign. To get a free copy of the special report “The 5 Keys to Successful Fundraising” visit

Event Fundraising Ideas

Katherine, Editor – Skratchers Fundraising Insider

1- Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Fundraising Event
Food is always a good fundraiser so try a fundraising breakfast, lunch or dinner event. Keeping it simple is best. A hotdog event fundraiser is a great way to start. Have your local grocer donate the hotdogs, buns, condiments, chips and pop. Set up in a busy area, even the parking lot of your grocer. You can use a propane BBQ or boiler for the cooking. Offer up a package deal like “1 hotdog, bag of chips and can of pop for only $3!” This way you can raise more, faster. Important: Be sure to thank your grocer by giving them recognition for their food donation.

2- Car Wash
A car wash is a great service and event fundraising idea for all those car loving people out there. Get your group volunteers together and pick a central location with high car traffic. Make sure you have room for cars to line up and have a few hoses going so you can wash more than one car at a time. As an added fundraiser sell some snacks and beverages to car owners. Be sure to have enough chairs and shade for your car owners to sit while they wait.

3- Recycled Bottle / Can Drive
Recycling is an excellent fundraising idea for our times. Raise money and do well for the environment. Let your community know that they can drop off their refundable bottles and cans at a central location. Your group will handle the sorting and keep the refunds. A nickel or dime may not seem like much but if this fundraiser is well publicized, all that plastic, glass and aluminum will add up quick. To raise more and as an added incentive / service to your community, you can go door to door to pick their refundable bottles and cans.

4- Bake Sale
Bake sales are always a favorite event fundraiser even though it isn’t the “newest idea”. Why? Well because home baked goodies can’t be beat, and some community members’ love baking and sharing with others. It’s recommended to not have these too often though, so try spreading them throughout the year. Here’s a great tip: Bake some scrumptious cookies using the cookie dough from a popular cookie dough fundraising brochure and make sure to have your order book ready to sell from and raise extra money.

5- Book Sale
Book sales are another old favorite fundraiser. People are sure to donate books they are done reading and people will be sure to buy them as a good read and a good cause. Ask people to drop off their unwanted books or better yet just go door to door. If you find your fundraiser has left over books you may even want to donate them to a hospital, shelter or seniors home.

6- Lawn / Garage Sale
Most everyone thinks about clearing out “stuff” from their attic or garage, well here they can do well too. Have a Lawn sale fundraiser where your community donates items they are willing to let your group sell. Then your group picks a central location to hold your fundraising lawn sale. Once again be sure to publicize this well in advance and many times.

7- Rubber Duck Race
This event fundraiser is fun and can get kids involved. All you need to do is get the rubber ducks or any other fun thing that can float. Have them numbered to match tickets you sell to supporters. Make sure your event is publicized so you can have a fun turnout on the day of the race at your local stream or body of water. The first duck to cross the finish line wins a prize that was donated by a local sponsor.

8- Auction
The most common way of doing an auction fundraiser is to have collectibles such as pro-athlete or celebrity signed items (jersey, baseball, bat or hockey stick, movie poster, video tape or DVD) up for sale. Your local pro-sports team or celebrities are usually willing to do this for a good cause. Have fun and be creative with the items up for auction.

9- Night At The Races
Not actually gambling, “a night at the races” is a fun, new way to have an exiting fundraising event. As recreation and meant for fun, people watch a pre-taped horse race and bet and win “funny money”. Raffles are usually drawn throughout the event. What you need to get started, including the videotape, race program and race tickets are all provided by companies like “A Nite At The Races”.

10- Bingo Night
Bingo nights are always popular so try a Bingo night fundraiser. Do it during the same time as a normal bingo does it; sell cards and call numbers in your school gym or church basement. Instead of money for prizes, give away items donated from local businesses and be sure to give them the recognition. As always, good publicity will make your bingo night fundraiser a success.

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The Skratchers team has 12 years experience in fundraising and has been providing fundraisers through the Internet for 6 years. To request your free Spring 2005 fundraising kit go to Free Skratchers Sample Kit or call toll free at 1-888-800-9506. Visit

5 Fundraising Event Ideas

Is your school or non profit organization looking for fundraising event ideas? There are a variety of fun events that are easy to organize and will attract support for your group.

Here are 5 fundraising event ideas for you to consider:

1. Murder Mystery Party – A murder mystery party is a fun small gathering held in someone’s home or can be held at a banquet room of a hotel or restaurant. The Murder Mystery game takes about three hours to play, including dinner. Guests assume the roles of characters in the plot, and at the end the killer – or killers – is revealed

2. Pie and cake auction – The cooks and the sweet lovers in your group will enjoy this fun fundraiser idea! Ask for donations of cakes and pies. Label each dessert with the name of the dessert and the cook. Ask your most humorous and charismatic person to be the auctioneer who can entertain the crowd and boost the auction prices.

3. Trivia Night – Trivia nights are informal, fun, competitions where teams battle to see who has the greatest knowledge of matters trivial. General knowledge and trivial interest questions are asked by a trivia host and the winners are the team which, at the end of the night, have correctly answered the most number of questions. Funds are raised through game entry tickets, food sales, sponsorships and additional fundraisers like raffles.

4. Ice Cream Social – Just about everyone likes ice cream! Host an ice cream social event for your organization. You can charge a flat fee, price per ice cream scoop or just set out a jar and ask for donations.

5. Pizza Party – This is a twist on the usual fundraiser dinner. Decide if you would like to make this a pizza buffet, set a limit on the number of slices per person, or actually sell the pizza “by the slice.” You could also do a combination of set menu and “by the slice.”

With a little creativity your organization will come up with a great fundraising event idea that will be fun and raise money for your cause!

About the Author

Sandra Sims has been fundraising for various charities for over 10 years. She is the publisher of Step By Step Fundraising newsletter, which will help you get maximum results from your charity fundraising campaign. To get a free copy of the special report “The 5 Keys to Successful Fundraising” visit

Spotlight on Bella Grace Candles

Looking for a unique and profitable way to support your group’s programs?
Bella Grace Candles and accessories are the perfect compliment to your fund raising efforts. Our fragrant, clean burning candles are an enjoyable, healthy and profitable alternative to high calorie junk foods.

Why are candles such a good alternative?
Candles provide an ambiance that no one else can match with any other product. The ability to soothe someone therapeutically with a genuine candle allows for them to realize what cause they truly bought the product for. You even have the option to provide a logo or custom label on the candle due to the size rather then other everyday retail items. By choosing candles you are taking a great wholesome homemade product to raise money for your support group. This is something that can be burned in an office environment as well as a home where other individuals can see your logo to understand the reason behind your cause. Something as good as a candle is something that will last longer and will provide a more in depth longer lasting impression.

Candles provide as such a good alternative for fundraising because you will not run into a problem of them melting or going bad if they do not sell as quickly as anticipated. The perishability factors of candles are non-existent. By selling candles your customers will not feel obligated to purchase they’ll want to; and they’ll come back for more!

Benefits to fundraising with candles…
1.) The option to customize every candle with a clear logo or quote for that continual representation of your organization.
2.) Something anyone can burn and enjoy year round. Not something that can only be hung for a season or can be consumed immediately.
3.) A great handmade product that you can easily earn your money with.

Candles allow you to create your own rewards and the possibilities are endless!

About the Author

Learn more at Bella Grace Candles.

How to Conduct a Fast, Fun, Profitable Candle Fundraiser

I. Understand your sale-type options and determine which would be best for your group:

1. Have candles “on-hand” to sell directly, collecting payment at time of “sale.”; or,

2. Using order brochures, filling your orders on a specified pick-up or delivery date and collecting monies at time of “sale”; or,

3. Using order brochures, filling your orders on a specified pick-up or delivery date and collecting monies when candles delivered.

II. Brochure candle sales:

1. Order and distribute brochures with an informational selling tip-guide (include information below) and a money collection item (e.g. envelope) to each participant or parent. Be sure to include your sale start and stop dates, as well as the expected date of expected candle distribution with your selling tips. It is always best to provide information to participants in writing with a contact phone number to alleviate confusion. If you have a large group and your group leaders time is limited, divide your group into teams and have each team report to one team captain who will total and tally their candle numbers and monies. Then all sales/monies can be totaled by the group leader prior to ordering. You may also consider requesting or purchasing a sample of each candle to show possible supporters. If you can keep from burning these candles yourself and don’t let someone buy them before your order comes in, you can sell them after your orders are filled.

2. Keep copies of your participant’s sale sheets. After your total sales are tallied and monies collected and verified, order your candles, distribute them to your participants/parents, or team leaders, with their original order sheet. Check with participants in one week to ensure candle delivery to supporters, and offer delivery/contact assistance as needed.

III. On-hand candle sales:

1. Sort/mix candles as needed and distribute our to fundraiser participants, dividing into teams if group size necessitates, using a tracking form to log participants name, phone number, parents name (as necessary), home address, number of candles received, and date due. Have participant or parent sign waiver or payment agreement as necessary and maintain with your records. Give each participant, in writing, information on selling tips, contact phone number, available scents/types, sale price and date monies and candles due back.

2. Selling tips for participants should include: Information on candle contents, any quantity or top-seller incentives (if your candle provider does not offer this, you should consider incorporating it into your program yourself if your participants are children or youth to increase your profits), burning safety and selling ideas.

3. Example of selling tips:

a) Friends, Family, and routine contacts: Ask family members and relatives to purchase candles to support your cause, and remind them that these affordable candles make great gifts! Ask friends and acquaintances to support your cause. Ask people at places you go throughout the week to support your cause (e.g. bank, library, hair salon, fitness center, restaurants, etc.) Keep a few candles with you at all times during your sale period so that as routine opportunities arise, you are prepared to sell.

b) Selling at the supermarket: A fast way to sell many candles is to set up a small table and chairs at your local supermarket.

– Phone the store manager, explaining what you are doing, and get permission to raise your funds at the store.

– Be sure to display a sign and always keep the table full of candles (avoid direct sun-light!).

– The best time to sell at the supermarket is on the weekends.

– Working in pairs, one person can let people know about the fund-raiser as they walk in the store and extend an invitation to stop and look at the candles on their way out. The second person can approach the shoppers as they leave the store and ask if they would support their effort by purchasing a candle. It is best to ask them to buy on their way out of the store.

c) Workplace, School, Office: You can place a basket of candles on your desk or work area with the price and group’s name. You usually do not have to ask people to buy. Often candles sell themselves. Always check with your employer to obtain permission.

d) Social gathering selling and special events: Most people are willing to support fund-raising organizations during social gatherings.

– Make sure you have permission, set up and fill a table with candles.

– Display a sign indicating the purpose and price.

IV. Wrap it up:

1. If possible, call each participant or remind them at your previous meeting of the date candles/monies are due back.

2. Receive monies and unsold candles, logging transaction on your original tracking sheet and “zeroing” out each participants obligation.

3. Settle up with your candle supplier as agreed to maintain a good working relationship for many more successful sales to come!

About the Author

Robin Ramirez is the owner and founder of “Love That Smell” Candles, LLC, a wholesale candle manufacturing and fund-raising support service for non-profit and other group fundraising programs (no retail sales here — a true heart for the fundraising groups!). She has been developing tailored, successful candle fundraisers for hundreds of diversified fundraising groups throughout the United States since 1999.

Robin resides in Church Hill, Tennessee, with her husband and two teenage children. You can contact her at “Love That Smell” Candles, PO Box 886, Church Hill, Tennessee 37642. Phone toll free 866-585-3638. e-mail or web site

Direct-sale Products vs. Order Taker Fundraisers

By Katherine, Editor – The JustFundraising Insider

Should you use direct-sale fundraising products or pre-sale brochures for your next fundraiser?

1. Fundraising with Direct Sale Products:
How it works – Your group orders an inventory of products; these products are distributed to your group members who sell the products directly to their supporters; and funds are collected at the point of sale.

*Requires only one contact with individual consumers.
*Program is shorter in length than Pre-Sale because there is no product to deliver and no returned goods to deal with.
*Usually a very low retail price per item results in an easy sale.

*Slight risk if you over-purchase.
*Less variety of products to offer.


2. Fundraising with Pre-Sale (order taker) Brochures:
How It Works – Your group requests 1 brochure per fundraising participant. The participants show the brochure to potential supporters. The supporter selects a product from the brochure, which the participant records on the brochure order form. These order forms are then returned to your fundraising company, who fulfills the order and ships the products to your group. Your group members and volunteers deliver the products to their supporters. Funds can either be collected at the time of the selection or upon delivery.

*No guess work on how much to order, therefore no risk!
*Brochures offer a wide variety of products and range of prices.
*With this type of fundraiser, it’s easy to include parents and adults in the fundraising efforts.

*More work and time since you must deliver products and often deal with a few returned goods.

About the Author

The JustFundraising team has 12 years experience in fundraising and has been providing fundraisers through the Internet for 6 years. To request your free Spring 2005 fundraising kit go to Free Spring 2005 Fundraising Kit or call toll free at 1-888-440-4114. Visit