Concession Stand Fundraiser for Sports Teams: Healthy Food Options

Now days one of the big issues for school districts is offering healthy food options. Many parents are concerned about the high obesity rates for children. They want to know that healthy food options are at least available. This extends even into extracurricular activities like sports and the foods that are offered at concession stands.

There are other reasons to offer healthy options at the school concession stands too. Many families are very busy and the sports concession stand may provide the family meal for the evening. Having healthy choices will give people more to choose from than just the usual burgers and hot dogs.

Providing consideration for people with dietary restrictions is also another reason to offer a variety of foods. Offering lighter options for those on weight loss diets, dairy free items and vegetarian options will be a welcome change for some of your sports fans.

Here’s seven tips for having a healthier school sports concession stand fundraiser:

1. Offer deli sandwiches in addition to burgers
2. Have light mayo and other condiments available
3. Offer granola bars and dried fruit bars
4. Sell Baked Lays and Sun-chips in addition to other chip brands
5. If your stand has ice cream bars, also have dairy free fruit bars or sorbet
6. Offer trail mix in addition to other snacks
7. Veggie lovers Pizza in addition to pizza with meat

Concession stands are a great school sports fundraiser that has been a tradition in many schools. Your concession stand can be unique by offering a variety of foods – including healthy food options.

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Angela Costas writes for where parents, students and teachers can find school fundraising ideas and other school activities. Check out the site now for more information about healthy fundraisers and discount card fundraisers.

How much can you raise just by Scratching?

The arrival of a new season brings with it many activities, including events, trips and registration, which require extra funding and fast! Why not try a different type of fundraiser to help your group raise the funds you need?

How about a personalized Scratchcard fundraiser?

Why Scratchcards? First of all, it’s easy: all cards can be personalized for your own group and there is no money up front. On top of this, hardly any other fundraiser product can beat the profit potential on Scratchcards – up to 90% profit! Not to mention the fact that they are compact, there are no orders to take and they are nonperishable.

How does it work? Scratchcards are based on the fundraising principle of giving a small donation without having to make an overpriced purchase.

What is it? A Scratchcard is a small tri-fold booklet that contains 60 colored “scratch-off” circles. Supporters are invited to “scratch-off” one or more circles on the card to reveal how much they will donate. Since the highest donation amount is only $2.50, Scratchcards make it easy to ask people to donate to your cause. Every person who donates gets a coupon sheet with over $75 worth in savings at top retailers as a “Thank You” gift. And to top it all off, this may seem unreal, but each Scratchcard can raise up to $100!

How can you make this work for your group? Well, here’s an idea that you can try at your next registration to decrease the costs for your players. Let’s say you usually charge $50 per person per season, charge them a little more and give them a Scratchcard.

Registration Cost $50     increase to $100
Registration Cost $ 70     increase to $120
Registration Cost $ 100     increase to $150

You will immediately make an additional $50 per person. In turn, your team members can use the Scratchcards to raise $100. So basically, if their registration cost were $100, after raising funds with the Scratchcard it would only cost them $20. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

The details of each card vary from company to company, so be sure to ask about the following costs associated with the Scratchcard:

– Cost of cards
– Cost of coupons
– Cost of personalization
– Cost of shipping

So, how much can you raise just by Scratching? Well, if you give each person in your group one card, then simply multiply the number of people in your group by around $100 and you have your answer. For example, a group of 50 people X $100 per card = $5,000 profit!

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eFundraising offers proven fundraising programs at up to 90% profit. Available programs include World’s Finest Chocolate, Online Magazine Fundraisers, Scratchcards, Brochures and more. eFundraising / QSP Reader’s Digest has helped groups raise almost $3 billion since 1964.

To help you discover the best fundraiser for your group, call 1-800-561-8388 for your FREE info kit and gift and an experienced fundraising consultant will be more than happy to help you. Visit

Portrait Fundraisers… Something Different

Every year the fundraiser coordinators of thousands of groups across the nation try to dream up a new ways to make money for their group. Most groups tend to get in a rut by having the same old fundraisers each year.

While having a fundraiser that your group is familiar with is an advantage, the excitement of something different is a strong driving force for sales.
Sales are driven by motivation. Motivation is spurred on by excitement.

While there are many new and different ideas for fundraisers, Portrait Fundraisers are as unique as they get.

When selling certificates for Portrait Fundraisers, your group is selling a product that is very personal and important. Whether it is a Glamour Portrait fundraiser, Family Portrait Fundraiser or a Vintage (Sepia) Portrait Fundraiser, the images that are produced are treasured family heirlooms forever.

The 10×13 Portrait that is included with the certificate will be loved for many years to come.

While candy, candles, scratch cards and car washes are all nice, not every other group in town is having a Portrait Fundraising event!

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James McIver has been in the portrait and fundraising business since 1979. To schedule a portrait fundraiser for your group email or call 866-850-9939 toll free.

Online Fundraising – More Profits with Less Effort!

Many organizations are now looking to the Internet to produce online fundraising results. If you consider all the environmental factors invloved in fundraising today, it definitely seems like the safest and simplest way to go. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about going door-to-door and you can raise funds from the comfort of your own home, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Also, online fundraising can be done on its own, or can be combined with any other fundraising program or product. However you choose to combine it, one thing is sure: you will make more profits for your group with less effort. The key component to making your online fundraising a success is to build a base of supporters. By increasing the number of names in your email address file, you are increasing the amount of profits you will make.

What should you look for when choosing an online fundraising program? You must ensure that:

Funds are easy to track.

Emails sent are frequent, targeted and personalized.

A “thank-you” acknowledgment is sent.

Sending emails to show how the contribution will be used and to give immediate thanks to the donor gives immediate satisfaction and enhances the chances that donors will renew their subscriptions again with your group. Other important factors to help influence your decision when choosing a fundraising program are that the response rate is higher than that of traditional fundraising and the fundraising costs are much lower.

Now you can see why more and more people are turning to online fundraising every day.

The formula is simple: Online Fundraising = More Profit + Less Efforts!

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eFundraising offers proven fundraising programs at up to 90% profit. Available programs include World’s Finest Chocolate, Online Magazine Fundraisers, Scratchcards, Brochures and more. eFundraising / QSP Reader’s Digest has helped groups raise almost $3 billion since 1964.

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Shock Rocks™, POP’RS® Exploding Flavor Crystals Offer Easy Fundraising Opportunities

Press release from The Fundraising Network

Hot Products’ Tickling Sensation a Huge Hit with Kids

Neenah, WI (November 2008) – Raven Manufacturing announced today it is offering unique opportunities for schools, churches, youth sports teams and other organizations that want to raise money.

Shock Rocks™ and POP’RS®, which are produced by Raven Manufacturing, are a fun and exciting new addition the fundraising world. POP’RS® are flavored seasonings that can be sprinkled on foods from ice cream to yogurt to broccoli to corn to enhance their flavor and make them more appealing to kids of all ages. Shock Rocks are eaten like candy right out of the pouch.

Shock Rocks are small candy crystals of flavored energy that explode in the mouth and come in four flavors – lemon, grape, sour apple and sour watermelon. POP’RS exploding candy crystals come in strawberry, cinnamon, butter and color burst flavors that can be sprinkled on desserts and vegetables.

“The popping and tickling and laughing sensations will explode in your mouth,” said Raven Manufacturing representative David Hesson. “It’s an inexpensive, yet effective way for clubs and sports teams to raise money.”

Hesson, whose company produces the popping crystals at a plant in Wrightstown, Wis., said Shock Rocks were developed as a fundraising vehicle for his youth soccer team. “We raised more than $500 in one weekend,” he said. “If it worked that easily for us, it can do the same for other youth organizations.”

Nominally priced at just $1 per pouch, organizations can earn a 45 percent profit on each case of Shock Rocks or POP’RS. “The best part of this is that no one else is selling a similar product,” Hesson said. “These are not the usual candy bars or lollipops, but are the hottest candy product on the market.”

About the Author

For more information on how your organization can participate in Shock Rocks and POP’RS fundraising, please contact David Hesson at 920-858-8696 or via e-mail at

Raven is the only manufacturer of carbonated crystals in North America, with production facilities located in Wrightstown, Wis. Raven’s staff has the most extensive experience in the industry in providing innovative solutions to the use of carbonated material in an ever increasing array of food, health care and personal care products. Raven’s products add interactive excitement to a wide range of products such as candy and ice cream. All Raven products are certified by the FDA and WDA. For more information, please visit our web site at

If you have a fundraising-related press release, fax it to 888-770-7888 or email it to

Top 10 Tips For Fundraising Success

Katherine, Editor – Skratchers Fundraising Inside

1. Sales Techniques For Better Fundraising
Perfect your introduction. Never start with the question “Would you like to buy…” because the standard answer is ‘NO’. Students should introduce themselves, their group and their group goal with major emphasis on the GOAL. What are the donations going to provide? Student volunteers who communicate the organization’s purpose make better ambassadors. Look “professional” & Say “thank you”. A nice appearance and identifying apparel adds credibility and helps make the sale. If possible, wear a group uniform or a tee shirt with your school logo. Remember to say, “thank you for helping us meet our goal”, and restate the goal.

2. The Right Incentive Prize
What could be worse than no incentive prizes? Investing in incentive prizes that simply don’t motivate your participants! Make sure the prizes you get are relevant to your participant’s age group and interests. Ask them what they’d like to receive as incentives given a certain budget.

3. Motivate Team Work
Top Class or Team Prizes: This is a great way to motivate the kids and get them working as a team – perfect synergy! If you’re a small group, you can create teams by putting your participants in groups of twos, threes or fours. If you’re a school you can do it by class and if you’re a league simply do it by team. You can offer the best selling group a free pizza party, a field trip outing to the place of their choice — ask them what they’d like.

4. Reward The Early Bird
You can offer early bird prizes to the first, second and/or third person who reaches a specific objective by a certain deadline. For example: if you launch the fundraiser on Monday, you can have the first three people that generate $100 in sales or more by Friday receive a $15 gift certificate.

5. Set Clear Goals, Firm Deadlines
The key to fundraising success is to establish clear fundraising goals and set firm deadlines for reaching those goals. Identify what you need, how much money is required and how long it will take to get it. Otherwise, your fundraising activity can be never-ending. So simply set start and end dates for all fundraising projects. That way everybody knows that there will be closure and things won’t drag on.

6. Fundraisers – Do a Few and Do Them Well
Most fundraising companies who work with organizations to raise money agree that with fundraising, less can be more. Your fundraising company should be consulting its customers to do only a few fundraisers, but more importantly, to do them well. Not only should schools and school groups be watchful of their own fundraising efforts, many advise that it is good practice to know what other groups in the area are doing to raise money.

7. Know What Others Are Doing
Today children and their parents are fundraising for their schools in addition to raising money for other groups. So it’s important to know what, where, when and how others are doing in fundraising. The last thing we want to do is duplicate the efforts of others and oversaturate the community. Some groups plan at least one year in advance so that they can coordinate fundraising efforts with neighboring teams, schools and other groups (church, scouts, etc.) who may be selling in the community at the same time.

8. Product Quality Counts
The old saying “You get what you pay for” is true for fundraiser campaigns and they’re fundraising products. The quality of the product you sell to your supporter is a direct reflection of your group. It will also have a direct effect the next time you fundraise. Higher quality fundraising products will leave people with a positive image of your cause. It will also make your current and next fundraiser easier because supporters will be eager to buy from you, resulting in higher profit.

9. Fundraise At Your Games and Events
Have you ever considered selling products in the stands during games, tournaments, and other events? Well you should because more traffic equals higher sales. Plus, you can raise more in less time. Some groups are so good at this, supporters look for them at each game and event.

10. No money to buy up-front? No problem!

Does your group have little money to buy fundraising products up-front? Choose an order-taker fundraiser. Getting an order-taker fundraiser started costs you nothing. Take your orders, collect your money up-front and then place your order with your fundraising company. This is a simple way to raise funds without putting any money up-front.

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The Skratchers team has 12 years experience in fundraising and has been providing fundraisers through the Internet for 6 years. To request your free Spring 2005 fundraising kit go to Free Skratchers Sample Kit or call toll free at 1-888-800-9506. Visit

How to Reach Your Fundraising Financial Goals

Katherine, Editor – The JustFundraising Insider

1. Identify your needs and set your goals
The first vital steps to a successful fundraising campaign are to identify your group’s needs by setting proper financial goals. If your group members know how the money will be spent and their personal benefits, this will motivate them, keep them focused and help with their sales pitch.

2. Remember that % Profit does not translate into Profits!
Although the percentage profit of sales is important, there are many other factors that need to be considered at the same time.

One company may offer 50% of sales while another may offer 40%. The 40% company may be providing valuable services such as incentive programs, consulting, kick-offs, timely delivery of merchandise, and custom packing. These advantages will save volunteers time and lead to higher profits. The company offering the lower % may also have a higher quality product. This product’s high quality will also help to increase sales and profits for your group. If a company is offering a lower percentage profit, find out why!

3. Motivate your Members

Sometimes, the money raised is a strong enough incentive, but often prize award programs can be a valuable way to build excitement and boost profits. Ask the participants what would motivate them and don’t forget to be creative.

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The JustFundraising team has 12 years experience in fundraising and has been providing fundraisers through the Internet for 6 years. To request your free Spring 2005 fundraising kit go to Free Spring 2005 Fundraising Kit or call toll free at 1-888-440-4114. Visit

How To Have A Successful Fundraiser

Are you tired of small fundraising success? You may not realize it, but it is NOT hard to motivate your group to sell more than ever before. Here’s how.

Have a ‘prime-time’ presentation

1. Kickoff your fundraiser on a day and at a time when you can get the most possible members together for an inspiring, expectant challenge.

2. You should already firmly expect for each member to sell a predetermined number of items. At your presentation, don’t hang loose. Transfer this firm expectancy to the members so each will accept the responsibility of doing his/her fair share to make the fundraiser a success!

3. Aim high! Set a goal and give individual credit. Explain how each member as well as the entire group will benefit!

4. At the end of the ‘prime-time’ presentation have a ‘commitment time’. Get everyone on his/her feet as they commit to sell a given number of items. Start with 50, then 25, then 10. A member who sincerely tries to sell 50 items should be able to sell 25. Your goal is to get each to average selling 25 items ! ! !

During Your Presentation

Demonstrate to your group their potential profit. For example, let’s assume that you are doing a fundraising selling a $12 item with a 50% profit potential:

30 members selling an average of 25 items each = 750 total items sold!

Your group’s Total Profit is based on the following information:

Retail Price – $12.00 per item
Profit Margin – 50% or $6.00 per item
Group’s Total Profit – 750 x $6.00 = $4,500.00

Perhaps you are a larger group of 500 selling an average of 10 items each. Most fundraising companies offer a larger profit margin if you sell more items.

Retail Price – $12.00 per item
Profit Margin – 60% or $7.20 per item
Group’s Total Profit – 5,000 x $7.20 = $36,000.00

Here’s a quick chart for how many items each member should sell.

10 members selling an average of 30 items each = 300 items sold
50 members selling an average of 20 items each = 1,000 items sold
100 members selling an average of 15 items each = 1,500 items sold
250 members selling an average of 10 items each = 2,500 items sold
500 members selling an average of 10 items each = 5,000 items sold
1,000 members selling an average of 5 items each = 5,000 items sold

As you present your examples and expectations, determine your profit per item, multiply it by the total number of items sold to arrive at your Total Group Profit! Motivate the group by getting them excited about how much the group can make when every member reaches their individual goal.

This approach and challenge is really exciting and has the incredible potential of rewarding you with generous funds that exceed your need and goal!

Making the ‘Prime-Time’ Presentation a ‘Big Deal’ will produce ‘Huge Success’!

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Dale and Billie Smith, co-owners, founded Pizza Makers Fund Raising in Oklahoma City in 1985. After having begun with just one Fund Raiser, we have served customers in 38 states and have increased our delivery service area to 16 states. Outside the 16-state area, we ship by commercial trucking and pay the freight for you!!!

ALLSTAR 1 FUNDRAISING is a family-owned and operated American business. All of our suppliers and/or manufacturers are also family-owned and operated businesses. Our patriotic motto is: ‘Made in the USA by Americans’! Visit us at or call 800-642-4766.