Tips for Scratchcard Fundraising

How can you make your scratch card fundraiser your most successful fundraiser ever?

Scratch card fundraising is a great fundraising option for your group this spring. Besides being easy, quick to start and hassle free, scratch card fundraising offers your supporters an affordable way to donate to your group. Scratch card fundraisers also offer HUGE amounts of profit for your group. Some companies, like ABC Fundraising offer “no money up front” payment options so you can really take the risk out of your fundraising.

You can start your scratch card fundraiser quickly – many companies even offer rush delivery for your scratch card booklets making this a great fundraiser when you don’t have a lot of time to wait to begin.

The key to making your scratch card fundraiser super effective is to motivate your group members. Here are a few tips to get your group fired up about your fundraiser.

1. Get your group committed!

    Before the scratch card booklets arrive, even before you order, it’s great to get a commitment from group members. How many people can they ask to scratch and donate to your group? For maximum profit, each member should get at least 25 people to scratch and donate. Make sure your members are willing to meet this minimum to ensure this is the right fundraiser for you. The great thing about scratch card fundraisers is that your members are asking for small donations averaging $3 so it doesn’t break the bank for your supporters. In exchange for this small donation, your group members give their supporters a valuable sheet of coupons.

    2. Create some friendly competition

      Another great way to motivate your group members during your scratch card fundraiser is to make it competitive. You can do this in many ways. You can create teams, or individuals can go head to head to see who can raise the most money for your group with your scratch card fundraiser. Definitely set a time limit–2 weeks is a good amount of time to run your fundraiser. It’s exciting to offer a prize to the winning team or individual.

      3. Follow up

        Don’t forget to keep in touch with your group members during your scratch card fundraiser. Make everyone feel accountable. Don’t wait until the end of your fundraiser to ask how your members are doing. You can either set up check-in meetings to turn in money and discuss progress or do it via phone, email or Facebook.  Add a fundraising thermometer like the one available at to allow members and supporters to see what progress is being made so everyone knows how close you are to your goal. Celebrate members who are doing well and bringing in a lot of money for the group – this can remind others to get fired up about your scratch card fundraising campaign too.

        Finally, when running your scratch card fundraiser this year, seek out companies that offer profit-boosting programs to add additional profit to your fundraising campaign. Your star fundraisers can use these additional tools and products to bring even more money in for your scratch card fundraiser making it your most profitable fundraiser ever.

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        Discount Card Fundraising

        As you know, in a slow economy, groups like yours are in more need of funds than ever. Easy fundraising ideas for your group are so important for raising the necessary money for uniforms, travel, supplies and more. With everyone watching their spending, choosing the right fundraiser for your group is crucial. What are the best fundraisers for these economic times? What are some easy fundraising ideas that will make the most money for your group with the least amount of work?

        One of the best fundraising ideas we’ve come across, is the discount card fundraiser. Discount Card Fundraisers are an incredible way for your group to offer a very valuable and easy way for your friends, family and supporters to save money.  Rather than purchasing products that they may not need, your friends, family and neighbors can help your group raise a lot of money by purchasing a discount card that saves them money at merchants in your area.

        Discount card fundraisers are excellent ways for merchants, restaurants and stores in your community to support your group and in turn for the community members to support those businesses that support YOU.

        Each member of your group sells the discount cards to their neighbors, friends and family for a nominal fee. You can even sell your discount cards at local events, at supermarkets or farmer’s markets. Your group makes money and the buyers of the discount card fundraiser SAVE money. The more discount fundraising cards your members sell, the more profit your group makes.

        A discount card fundraiser is now easier than ever for your group. One great way to take the challenge out of the discount card fundraiser for your group is to order from a company that does the work for you. One company, ABC Fundraising has created a way to make the discount card fundraiser absolutely turnkey for your group. Instead of you calling the local businesses and visiting restaurants to try to obtain sponsors for your discount fundraising card, ABC Fundraising will obtain the sponsors for you.

        All you have to do is create a list of local businesses that you would like to see on your discount card and wait for your personalized and localized discount fundraising cards to arrive.

        Discount cards are such an easy sell – who doesn’t want to save money on food, dry cleaning, coffee, working out, home goods and more? The possibilities with discount card fundraisers are truly endless.

        A great way to get your group motivated for your discount card fundraiser is to have group members be involved in brainstorming potential merchants to use for the discount fundraising cards. By being involved in the selection of the merchants, you can ensure that your group members will be more excited about the deals that are offered on your discount fundraising card. If they are excited, their supporters will be excited and your group will sell more cards and raise more money!

        It’s important to note that when doing a discount card fundraiser, you want to get started as soon as possible as you have to anticipate a lead time of 4-6 weeks for your group to get personalized discount cards.

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