How to Project Manage a Fundraiser

Larger Trivia Nights might need to have a Project Management Team that coordinates all aspects of the up and coming fundraiser. It’s not that scary. To project manage something, is to coordinate all the aspects of a particular project. So to project manage a fundraiser, is to make sure all the aspects of a particular fundraising event are organized.

Here’s what you do. Pool together a team of capable individuals, and people with different skills, e.g. A Computer technician, Business leader, Social Worker, Administrator, Team leader, etc. A team with more expertise is a team that will inevitably create greater results for your fundraiser. Why? The team has more knowledge and understanding of the process; they have greater networks; they can reach higher goals.

Spend the first meeting setting your objectives/goals. What is the goal of this fundraiser? The goal might be to raise $10,000 for Cancer research. The goal might be to raise $5000 for the local bowling club, and raise awareness of the club to the local community. Once you are clear on what your objectives are, then you are a step closer to moving on to implementing the strategy behind reaching those objectives.

Before you jump into DOING what comes to your mind first, it’s helpful to list all your possible jobs/expectations that will need to be fulfilled for the fundraising venture to be successful. This is when you mind map all your ideas on a whiteboard or some butchers paper. Put a word in the middle of the document, e.g. FUNRUN, then have lines come out of the word noting things that you need to complete. So from the middle word FUNRUN, you might have drawn lines coming out from that word and one of those might say, ‘Advertising’, another might say, ‘Trivia Questions’, etc. From the advertising word you might delve a little deeper and list all the advertising ideas.

Now put all your ideas/points into a table on Microsoft Excel, and assign people’s names to each point, and a completion date. Then sort this Excel document from the earliest completion date to the latest date. Now you have a working document that this Fundraising Project Management Team can use to help organise the event. Grab a hold of Microsoft Project and develop a Gantt Chart (more information check out: for info on Gantt Charts).

Download a free (7-day trial) for project management, with Gantt charts at This is generally equivalent to Microsoft Project.

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Discount Cards vs. Candy Bars… Which is Easiest?

Fundraising discount cards or candy bar sales, which is the easiest form of fundraising?

If you have ever been involved with a fundraising PRODUCT like candy bars or candles you may already know some of the difficulties associated with them. The person in charge generally ends using their living room as a storage unit, then the countless trips to load and unload the product out of your vehicle. Where I live in Florida we have the additional issue with heat. Storage in the garage is out as it may be 80 to 90 degrees in there, additionally Candy bars and candles can not be transported in a trunk or left in a car that is not already cooled off, or you could end up with one big candy bar with 20 wrappers in the middle or one very large candle with many wicks.

With Discount Fundraising Cards storage and transportation is a breeze,  one or two boxes depending on the size of your organization.

But what about distribution, if your organization is small like a boyscout or girlscout troop (10-12 kids), then this is a non-issue. But if you have 300 people in your group, there needs to be a distribution chain of command  (more loading and unloading of boxes). IF you have to distribute your fundraising through coaches, would you rather have to give them each 15 – 10 pound boxes of chocolate? or hand them an envelope? With cards each coach simply gets an envelope and then gives each child/parent a few cards right there at practice on the field. With candy bars you would need to have a parking lot meeting before or after practice (that doesn’t work here in Florida, they would be melted) and what do you do with the extra box for that child that missed practice that day?

With logistics aside, lets take a look from an economic point of view.

With candy bars the club or organization makes money (about 50% of money collected). Money is collected up front and then the family eats the candy bars. Sure the chocolate is higher quality than found in the store, but they are not a great deal, so the end result is they family eats 10 lbs of over-priced chocolate, if a sale is made to an outsider, they are not getting a good deal they are donating with the appearance of a product exchanging hands. what value there is, it is gone 5 minutes later. how often is a donation made where the person does not want the candy bar?

With cards the organization makes 50% to 90% and local businesses gain new clients or gain loyalty from their existing customers, this is not only good for the community but also tends to increase awareness and sponsorship. When a sale is made the card holder will generally recoup their costs with one or two uses of the card with out changing their purchasing habits. However; they will have use of the card for an entire year, saving multiple times the cost of the card. People ask to see the offers on the back of the card and then ask to buy them when they see what a great deal it is for them.

Unlike most fundraisers, Discount Card Fundraisers are a win-win-win:

  • Businesses like them because they bring in more customers. (Free advertising)
  • Supporters like them because they save money with great discounts.
  • Fundraising groups like them because they are highly profitable, customizable, and easy to sell.

Brass tax …. more on economics… 100 children

Chocolate bar sales

  • Sales per child   20
  • Profit per sale   $1
  • Profit per child   $20
  • funds raised for entire organization $2000

Fundraising discount card sales

  • Sales per child   10  (half as many sales)
  • Profit per sale   $8
  • Profit per child   $80
  • funds raised for entire organization $8000

There are many fundraising cards companies to chose from.  Make sure to do some comparing and look for companies that will do everything like

  • Procure the sponsors for your group’s Fundraising Discount Cards
  • Create a custom design for your cards.
  • Use high quality plastic with the look and feel of a credit card
  • Give you a choice of colors and print the cards
  • Ship the cards at no cost to you
  • Will teach you how to organize your fundraiser
  • Offer Quality customer service with extended hours (we can’t always volunteer between 9 and 5)
  • and make sure there are not extra hidden charges

Fundraising Discount Cards are a proven money maker for schools, groups and organizations. I hope you will consider them for your next fundraiser.

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Scentsy Fundraisers “Make Perfect Scents”

Are you tired of doing the same old fundraisers every year? Why not let Scentsy take care of your fundraising goals for you? Scentsy fundraisers are perfect for Church Groups, 4-H clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cheerleading Squads, Gymnastic Teams, Youth Sports Teams, Competitive Dance Teams, Pre-Schools, Day Care Centers, School and Marching Bands, Booster Clubs, Drill Teams and many other clubs, schools, community groups and organizations. Basically every organization that you can think of who could use a little extra help throughout the year.

There Are Two Types of Fundraisers:

Fairs and Special Events

You can have a fundraiser at your organization during a fair or special event by simply setting up a table with some catalogs and order forms. You just take orders from participants and at the end of the fair I will collect the order forms and get the products ordered for you.

Traditional Door to Door

One of the most popular forms of fundraisers is the community fundraiser where members of your organization go out into the community and collect orders from family, friends, and neighbors. After approximately 2 weeks of gathering orders, I will collect the order forms and get the products ordered.

Your Scentsy consultant should provide all the materials needed such as, catalogs, order forms, envelopes, and instructions and, in addition, should be available to help answer any questions that may arise.

What Will Your Organization Receive?

You will receive cash in the amount of 25% of all the products sold. Therefore, if your fundraiser generates $2,000.00 in sales (very easy to achieve), your organization will get a check in the amount of $500.00. Shipping on the products are free and each order will be inventoried, labeled and sorted. They will then be delivered to you individually packaged for your customers to pick up and enjoy. Products will be delivered to you approximately 2-3 weeks from the time that the orders are entered into the computer. Contact me today with any further questions that you may have!

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This article was submitted by Shannon Bacallao, a Scentsy Consultant.

Empower Your Group and Maximize PROFITS!

Ultimate Fundraising Inc. believes that there are many factors that contribute to a successful fundraising campaign. We would like to address how to best increase participation levels, for any of the fundraising campaigns your organization will run, by providing ideas to empower your sellers.

Effective Methods of Motivating Your Sellers

– Insure that each fundraiser has a definite goal amount and clearly communicates to your sellers and supporters what the funds are being raised for

– Include your sellers in the fundraiser selection process

– Along with your fundraising company build a meaningful incentive program that will help to motivate your sellers

– Divide your sellers into teams of 4-8 per team. Assign a team leader who will lead strategy sessions and with the help of the team come up with a marketing plan that will best allow the team to maximize sales.

– Use of progress thermometers provides a visual tool for sellers to track the progress of their team as well as the teams they are competing against.

– Run your fundraisers for no more than 2 weeks and always run one fundraiser at a time. Reward your top selling teams at the end of each week and assign a different team leader for Week One and Week Two.

– Through the use of teams and team leaders your booster club will be working on members leadership skills and empower them. This will result in the sellers taking responsibility for the fundraising programs and more importantly the outcome and reaching the fundraising goal.

– Always do a debriefing session once your fundraiser has concluded that includes all sellers to discuss what worked and what didn`t. This feedback can then be used to strengthen your future fundraisers and the approaches used by your sellers.

Ultimate Fundraising Inc. strives to assist organizations with all steps of their fundraising efforts. We are here to help in the planning stages and throughout your fundraiser. By providing only the highest quality products that are easy to sell and are profitable we are confident that we have everything that your organization would need to reach and exceed its fundraising goals. We offer over 30 different fundraising programs across the United States.

Remember that fundraising is an important part of any organization. Let us provide you with a program that will be structured for your success while empowering your sellers.

Pat Van Hesteren

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