Spotlight on Sherwood Forest Farms

Today, The Fundraising Network is turning our Spotlight On Sherwood Forest Farms, a company that has been helping groups raise money since 1954.


Since 1954 Sherwood Forest Farms has provided a fun, easy and profitable holiday fundraiser for nonprofit organizations across the country. Selling our fresh wreaths, cedar garlands and other Christmas evergreens with our Profit With Evergreens® fundraising program is a proven success! Here’s why.


  • More than 55 years experience providing wreaths and evergreens to nonprofit organizations
  • Helpful, knowledgeable customer service team working for you and your wreath fundraiser
  • The Noble Fir in our fresh wreaths, centerpieces, and holiday swags is a fragrant, hearty fir that grows at a high altitude in the Cascade Mountains
  • Environmentally friendly harvesting of evergreens means no trees have been cut down, only trimmed to help keep the ecosystem healthy
  • We only sell to nonprofit organizations as a fundraiser.  We never compete with you by selling retail wreaths and evergreens


  • 100% Guaranteed fresh wreaths and evergreens
  • Fundraising sales tools for customers available on the website in My Account area
  • Free bags for evergreens, each item arrives already packaged in an easy to handle plastic bag
  • Easy to use tools for placing and tracking your nonprofit organizations’ order online
  • Free sample Christmas wreath available for display with just a phone call
  • Free sales materials provided once your group signs up for our wreath fundraiser
  • Two options to choose from for your Christmas fundraising program; The Complete Program or the Direct Delivery Program only


  • At least $5-$8 profit on most wreaths and evergreens
  • Your nonprofit organization decides your own profit margin
  • Competitive pricing with no hidden costs
  • Shipping and handling is included in all prices, except Alaska and Hawaii
  • No risk to your group, items are pre-sold
  • Best profit return—it takes approximately 12 candy bars to get the same amount of profit you would get on one Christmas wreath

Your fundraising success is our goal!

Two Programs to Choose From

Sherwood Forest Farms keeps holiday fundraising simple and straightforward for you and your nonprofit organization. Our framework provides an easy way to run your wreath fundraiser, and you can enhance as needed to fit your group.
There are two options for utilizing our holiday fundraiser: Complete Program or Direct Delivery Program Only.
  • Complete Program: With the Complete Program, your group sells the case products and the direct delivery products.  There is a 10 case minimum and the cases go to your group to distribute to your customers.  Any amount of direct delivery items can be sold.  Cases are always sold in full case amounts, products cannot be mixed within the case, any orders for less than 10 cases incur a $40 charge and cases are still sold in full case amounts.
  • Direct Delivery Program Only: With the Direct Delivery Program Only, there is a 10 item minimum.  All the items are sold one at a time, packaged and shipped individually directly to the recipient.  Your group does not handle the evergreens and Christmas wreaths.

Customer Service Tools

We strive to provide all the resources needed for your nonprofit organization to run a successful Christmas wreath fundraiser. Our tools help you track profits, create your own customized flyers, and give you marketing ideas, checklists and organizing tools. Helping you run a fundraiser easily and efficiently is one of our goals.

Success Stories

School groups, scout groups, church groups and other nonprofit organizations use Sherwood Forest Farms year after year because their wreath fundraisers are successful and their customers enjoy the Christmas evergreens so much they ask for it every fall.  They have return customers who can’t wait for the evergreens sale every fall. Click here to read what our customers are saying.

Would you like to know more?

Free Information Packet

Let us send you a free and complete information packet. Your information packet will include:

  • Current Price List
  • Program Sign Up Form
  • An example of the Sales Materials that will be provided to your nonprofit organization
  • A letter briefly outlining how the wreath fundraiser works
  • A Guide for Profit With Evergreens® Fundraising
  • Enclosed in a folder for your convenience

Click here to fill out our information request form or give our office at call at 1-800-767-7778 to receive this free, no obligation, information packet. It contains all the information needed to discuss if your nonprofit would like to use our wreath fundraiser.

Contact Us

Have a question or need help with your wreath fundraiser? You can give our customer service team a call at 1-800-767-7778. Or click here to fill out our contact form to send us an email. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Sherwood Forest Farms
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