Spotlight On RonDino Promotions

RonDino Promotions, Inc. has been producing personalized discount cards since 1992.  Now the #1 discount card company in the United States with programs in over 40 states.  Our discount card has 26 local businesses and each card can be registered online for additional online offers posted on your own customized loyalty website.

Our discount cards sell for $10 with 60% profit for your organization.  We have a low 400-card minimum order.  We also work with you in selecting the area businesses that will appear on your card.  We do all the work in acquiring the offers.

Our discount card program is not designed as a typical “door-to-door” fundraiser.  We encourage only safe-selling practices and a typical person sells between 5 and 10 cards… this can be done by selling to familiar neighbors, relatives and co-workers.

Since we put so much time and effort into our cards we can only work with groups of 100 or more members. We specialize in youth sports, booster groups and school organizations such as bands, choirs, and cheerleading.  If your organization does not fall into one of those categories give us a call to see if we can work something out.

With so many fundraisers to choose from we appreciate and value all of our clients – large or small.  Contact us today for more information and sample cards.

RonDino Promotions, Inc.
“You Haven’t Seen a Discount Card Until You’ve Seen Ours…”