The Popularity of Popcorn Makes for a Great Fundraiser

Each year popcorn sales have continued to climb as new popcorn creations are invented. Popcorn companies modernized their product over the years, offering many new varieties which help keep this one of the most popular treats.

In the 1970’s hot air popcorn poppers were introduced.  These electric appliances make popcorn with very little fat.  Microwavable popcorn changed the industry in the 1980’s and it has become a household staple. Variety tins and special flavored gourmet popcorn have also gained popularity, not to mention that it’s the top moviegoers snack choice.

Popcorn makers have also capitalized on the low-fat, low-calorie trend as people attempt to lose weight. Light, 100-calorie snack packs and 94% fat-free versions are choices that are now available. They also advertise the health benefits of popcorn, including its high dietary fiber.

Americans consume more than 17 billion quarts of popcorn annually. That averages out to roughly 68 quarts per person. And in 2001, popcorn sales in America exceeded $1 million.

Boy Scouts of America has cashed in on the success of popcorn sales. A mere 7 councils participated the first year that scouts sold popcorn. Over the last 25 years it has become the top-rated fundraiser for cub scouts packs across America. Today, Trail’s End serves more than 285 councils (including packs and troops,) with over $1 billion raised for the nonprofit organization. For this reason, it is the only pre-approved fundraiser of Cub scouts and Boy Scouts of America.

Popcorn is destined to be an American favorite for many years to come. From light versions to chocolate-drizzled gourmet caramel corn and variety tins, popcorn is a versatile product that can be changed to meet the current marketing trends and remain a profitable product.

About the Author

Tracy Rose is a Freelance Writer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Written Communication. There’s more information about popcorn available including popcorn fundraisers for cubscouts and popcorn fundraisers for other groups.