7 Pizza Fundraising Ideas

Pizza is a very popular food that can make for a great fundraising program. There are lots of different pizza fundraising ideas that could raise lots of money for your school or other non profit organization.

Here’s 7 Unique Pizza Fundraising Ideas:

1. Pizza Party – Plan a pizza dinner night at your location. Contact local pizza places in advance and negotiate with them for a good price on the pizzas. If you are hosting a larger event, you may be able to get the pizzas donated.

2. Pizza booth at a Carnival – Host a pizza “by the slice” booth at a local carnival, festival, or other special event and sell drinks separately. This is similar to the pizza dinner, except you don’t have to worry about selling tickets or getting the people there. You are going to where the hungry people already are!

3. Dine out at a Local Restaurant – Many restaurants sponsor special fundraising programs which will give your organization a percentage of the profits or receipts from a designated day. It is important to understand the requirements set up by the restaurant and promote the night very well. Offer door prizes or other incentives for people to come to the pizza night.

4. Sell Pre-made Pizzas or Pizza Kits – There are a variety of companies that offer catalogs featuring pizza products. Some of these are ready made pizzas and some are pizza making kits.

5. Pizza Recipe Contest – Bake-offs are always fun events and bring out the competitive spirit in those who like to cook. Create a pizza recipe contest where those who would like to enter must submit a pizza recipe. Select several finalists who will bake their pizza creation and submit it to judges to decide who has the best pizza recipe.

6. Pizza Cooking Class – Sponsor a cooking class that teaches students to create gourmet pizzas. This pizza fundraising idea raises money through the tuition fee students pay for the class. With the support of a good cook or chef who is willing to donate his or her time this could be a great event. Contact local grocery stores to ask if they can donate the ingredients needed for the class.

7. Pizza Prizes – This pizza fundraising idea is really a supplement to other fundraising programs. Offer a pizza party or gift certificates as prizes for volunteers who sell the most raffle tickets, candy or other fundraiser product.

Pizza fundraisers can be great ways to raise money for your organization. Choose the pizza fundraising idea that fits best for your group and you’ll find it to be a fun fundraiser.

About the Author

Sandra Sims has been fundraising for various charities for over 10 years. She is the publisher of Step By Step Fundraising newsletter, which will help you get maximum results from your charity fundraising campaign. To get a free copy of the special report “The 5 Keys to Successful Fundraising” visit StepByStepFundraising.com