9 Reasons Your Group Should Be Fundraising Online

By Ayana Forward

1. Increased Reach

Email makes it possible to contact supporters, family, and friends from different geographic locations as well as those only within close proximity. Fundraising campaigns can now reach potential supporters from coast to coast and not just those at arms length.

2. Increased Safety

Since there is no door-to-door selling involved in an online fundraising campaign, there is no need to approach strangers when asking for money. The added safety of using the internet to fundraise brings a sense of relief to parents as well as team members.

3. Reduced Risk

A burden faced with many traditional fundraisers is the potential cost associated with left-over inventory. A referral or affiliate program is an example of an online fundraiser where there is no need to purchase or carry inventory. Your group is paid for referring products regardless of the quantity you sell. There is no longer a need to purchase large quantities of inventory that you may never be able to sell.

4. Add Variety, Customization & Creativity

Unique web based services give teams the opportunity to create customized goods from T-shirts, to team posters and calendars. Traditional fundraising products are outdated and carry little benefit or value to your supporters. The internet brings with it so much more choice in terms of items you can sell in order to fundraise. You can now fundraise with books, travel, magazines, sheet music, board games, movie passes and much, much more.

5. Reduced Costs

Running an online fundraising campaign can be very inexpensive. Email accounts are free and many companies offer free website hosting packages. With referral programs the merchant is responsible for carrying the inventory, shipping the products and any costs associated with the online transaction including credit card processing.

6. Speed of Success

Most web based fundraising programs provide you with instantaneous real-time tracking of sales and lead conversions. Additionally, it is so quick and easy to email a promotion your supporters.

7. Ease of Coordination of Effort

A traditional fundraiser usually involves purchasing inventory, handing out inventory, counting and managing stock, delivering goods sold, organizing volunteers, and booking rental space. An online fundraiser can all be done in front of a computer using email and your website as a communications tool.

8. Results

Because most online programs are free to set up and join having only one sale will usually result in a profit, or will more than likely cover all of the costs associated with your campaign. With some online fundraising campaigns there is no break-even point to worry about and normally no minimum number of sales is required to insure a profit.

9. Fun

Surfing and shopping online is not only fun for your group but your supporters as well. They will take pride in supporting your group and have the opportunity to conveniently purchase items they can actually use and benefit from.

About The Author:

Ayana Forward is the author of Raise Money…Without Selling: Effective Web-Based Fundraising. Click here to learn more.