Raise Money and Support Humanitarian Interests for Women at the Same Time

discount card fundraising

“The Fundraiser was a huge success for its first year, and one that will continue to grow for many years to come. With a profit margin of $7.50 per card sold, we were able to provide our squads with full, embroidered, warm-up uniforms with the proceeds of one fundraiser! An impressive accomplishment!”
Samantha Young, Delaware

Blue Heron is one of those Fundraising Companies that you may not have heard of, but they have been helping groups raise money since 1995, and they have been quite successful at it.  The vision behind this company comes from its founder and President, Pete Reed.  Its success comes from his personal philosophy, “The customer is always right!” and the personal service that each customer receives.

Between the fundraising business and his humanitarian work, Pete stays very busy.  However, we caught a few moments with him to find out more about him, and what makes his fundraiser work so well.  Here’s what he had to say.

“Our discount cards are tremendously effective for our customers.  We get mostly schools, sports teams and marching bands, but we also get military and university organizations. It works well for several reasons.

First and foremost for our groups, the cards produce 70-80% profit.  That’s nearly unheard of in fundraising.  The normal ceiling is about 50%.

Second, our cards sell well because they have fantastic discounts, and because they come from businesses in the group’s community.  We work with our groups to get the best possible discounts within their communities.  The businesses don’t have to pay for the ads either.  Local discounts mean (1) people want the cards, (2) the $10 price point makes it an easy sell, and (3) it helps the local community.

Third, we help save their customers money.  There is no setup or production costs for the group unless they have special artwork that requires more attention than normal.

And our customers like the fact that they don’t have to fill a room with inventory they have stocked.  The cards are small enough so that they fit just about anywhere – wallet, purse, pocket. Their group members can carry the cards anywhere and can sell “on the spot” when the opportunity presents itself.”

During the rest of our visit, Pete talked about the groups Blue Heron discount cards have helped and the organization’s dedication to making groups profitable.  It’s not a complicated process, but it is successful and it’s proven effective for raising money.

Though Blue Heron is located along the Delmarva Peninsula in Delaware, Blue Heron has helped groups all over the United States.  Pete’s vision doesn’t stop there, however.  In 2005, through a series of events, Pete began working to help a girl, Slavka (pictured bottom right), in Slovakia and later began helping Aneta (pictured bottom middle) from the Czech Republic.  He didn’t just throw money at the problem.  He equipped these women to be able to live and succeed which led him to form Slavka’s Dream Ltd. (www.slavkasdream.com) His goals are:

  • to help women achieve status in their culture and society,
  • to provide for their families through working and education,
  • to increase hope by helping them to succeed rather than fall into desperation,
  • and to teach others to believe in themselves so that their dreams can become real.

To date, he has helped women in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Romania.

Meeting with Pete was an eye-opening experience.  Groups who want to raise money not only have great potential to meet their goals with Blue Heron fundraising cards.  When they use Blue Heron for their fundraising card provider, they also are helping to support humanitarian efforts for women who would otherwise be trapped in a terrible lifestyle.

Check out Blue Heron discount cards at www.blueheroncards.com.

Spotlight on Blue Heron Discount Cards — Part 1

Blue Heron Discount Cards
Blue Heron Discount Cards
Blue Heron Discount Cards strives to put together a discount card that contains quality offers that make the cards easier to sell. Each year, we attempt to make our clients a better card than they had the previous year. We want a card that people can use over and over again, not one that has offers that are not valid in the clients market.

Last year, we had the opportunity to speak with Pete Reed, the owner of Blue Heron Discount Cards.  His fundraiser caught our attention because of the humanitarian work he has been doing. We contacted him recently and asked him to send us any updated information he has about his fundraising program.  Here’s what he sent back.

Blue Heron has been producing community based discount cards since 1995. At the time we started, discount cards were actually in their infancy. Over the years, we’ve improved our product constantly by changing our graphics personnel and our card suppliers. We’ve gone from a boring one color card to exciting multi-color logos and offers.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our care for our clients. We strive to put together a discount card that contains quality offers that make the cards easier to sell. We’ve been fortunate to have been able to build good relationships with many of the same businesses over the years, but we still strive for new business offers at the request of our clients. Each year, we attempt to make our clients a better card than they had the previous year. We want a card that people can use over and over again, not one that has offers that are not valid in the clients market. This requires a bit of extra work on our part, but it’s all part of the value we give to our customer, along with a high profit margin.

Pete didn’t really talk much about custom vs. generic discount cards. Most discount card companies are going to the mass produced, generic discounts, but Blue Heron is still providing custom cards with custom offers and there are some benefits to custom cards.  More information about that in Part 2.

JustFundRaising.com, the Right Choice for Non-Profit Fundraising

 High-Performance Fundraising is the Norm for Non-Profits such as Schools, Sports, Churches and Special Projects

Let JustFundRaising.com Help You Supercharge Your Fundraising Initiatives

  • JustFundRaising.com maintains a stellar record of fundraising success.
  • JustFundRaising’s passion is helping you and your organization to become, or remain, successful.
  • JustFundRaising strives to create win-win outcomes for all of its customers and their organizations.

JustFundRaising.com maintains a strong track record of empowering non-profits and other groups in their fundraising efforts, with more than 29,000 groups assisted in the raising of $67.9 million to date. JustFundRaising.com, moreover, possesses an extremely high level of customer satisfaction.

JustFundRaising’s expertise in non-profit fundraising spans four major areas:

  1. School
  2. Sports
  3. Non-profit projects such as: Youth Fundraising; Breast-Cancer Fundraising, Reunion Fundraising, and Animal-Shelter fundraising, among others
  4. Church-related fundraising.

The Ins and Outs of Working with JustFundRaising.com’s Discount Card Fundraiser

You have three excellent choices for discount card fundraising:

  1. Dinner and a Movie Card (65% Profit)
  2. Restaurant Discount Card (65% Profit)
  3. Local City Savings Card (70% Profit)

Easy-to-Sell Dinner and a Movie Card

  • Selling Price: $10
  • Gives buyers a 50% discount at 100,000 merchants nationwide
  • Profit: 65%

The Dinner and Movie card is ideally suited for groups of all sizes. It is an easy sell at the $10 price because purchasers receive a 50% discount at 100,000 merchants nationwide. Your group makes a profit of 65%. The purchasers of the card get unlimited use of it for a full year.

Major Plusses with the Restaurant Discount Card

  • Selling Price: $20
  • The $20 card gives buyers $50 to spend at over 18,000 eateries around the country
  • Profit: 50-65%

The Restaurant Discount card is accepted at over 18,000 eateries around the country, and it provides a great savings for your supporters. By spending $20 on the card, they receive a $50 card that can be redeemed at local restaurants or at eateries nationwide.

The profit to the seller ranges from 50% to 65%, depending on the number of restaurant cards sold. In short, the greater the number of cards sold, the larger the profit per card, which, of course, would have very beneficial results for your organization.

Win-Win Outcomes with the Local City Discount Card

  • Selling Price: $10
  • Buyers love having a discount card for local merchants that lasts a whole year
  • Profit: 50-70%

These discount cards sell for only $10 and earn a profit of 50%-70%, depending upon the number sold.

Here’s how it works:

JustFundRaising will provide you with a list of 300 local merchants from which you select 75. From that list of 75, JustFundRaising contacts the merchants and creates a card with 10 valuable discounts that is customized with your logo.

Want more information?

You can contact JustFundraising by phone at 1-888-440-4114 or check out their web site at www.justfundraising.com. Once you talk with them, you will know why so many groups choose JustFundraising for their fundraiser provider year after year.

How can you make your scratch card fundraiser your most successful fundraiser ever?

Scratch card fundraising is a great fundraising option for your group this spring. Besides being easy, quick to start and hassle free, scratch card fundraising offers your supporters an affordable way to donate to your group. Scratch card fundraisers also offer HUGE amounts of profit for your group. Some companies, like ABC Fundraising offer “no money up front” payment options so you can really take the risk out of your fundraising.

You can start your scratch card fundraiser quickly – many companies even offer rush delivery for your scratch card booklets making this a great fundraiser when you don’t have a lot of time to wait to begin.

The key to making your scratch card fundraiser super effective is to motivate your group members. Here are a few tips to get your group fired up about your fundraiser.

  1. Get your group committed!
    Before the scratch card booklets arrive, even before you order, it’s great to get a commitment from group members. How many people can they ask to scratch and donate to your group? For maximum profit, each member should get at least 25 people to scratch and donate. Make sure your members are willing to meet this minimum to ensure this is the right fundraiser for you. The great thing about scratch card fundraisers is that your members are asking for small donations averaging $3 so it doesn’t break the bank for your supporters. In exchange for this small donation, your group members give their supporters a valuable sheet of coupons.
  2. Create some friendly competition
    Another great way to motivate your group members during your scratch card fundraiser is to make it competitive. You can do this in many ways. You can create teams, or individuals can go head to head to see who can raise the most money for your group with your scratch card fundraiser. Definitely set a time limit–2 weeks is a good amount of time to run your fundraiser. It’s exciting to offer a prize to the winning team or individual.
  3. Follow up
    Don’t forget to keep in touch with your group members during your scratch card fundraiser. Make everyone feel accountable. Don’t wait until the end of your fundraiser to ask how your members are doing. You can either set up check-in meetings to turn in money and discuss progress or do it via phone, email or Facebook. Add a fundraising thermometer like the one available at www.AbcFundraising.com to allow members and supporters to see what progress is being made so everyone knows how close you are to your goal. Celebrate members who are doing well and bringing in a lot of money for the group – this can remind others to get fired up about your scratch card fundraising campaign too.

Finally, when running your scratch card fundraiser this year, seek out companies that offer profit-boosting programs to add additional profit to your fundraising campaign. Your star fundraisers can use these additional tools and products to bring even more money in for your scratch card fundraiser making it your most profitable fundraiser ever.

For more fundraising ideas or to get started with your scratch and help fundraiser, please visit http://www.AbcFundraising.com.

Are Scratch Cards Right For Your Group?

Not every type of fundraiser is good for every group.  Some groups do better with food items such as cookie dough while others get better results from retail items like candles.  The question The Fundraising Network wants to answer is whether scratch cards will work for YOUR group.

We want to thank JustFundraising for providing much of the information for this post. We chose them because they have years of experience helping groups raise money, and their scratch card presentation information is extremely helpful.

What is a Scratch Card and How Does it Work?

We were surprised at how many people have heard of scratch cards, but don’t really know how they work.  It’s actually fairly simple.  The scratch card has usually has three, but at least has two, panels and is small enough to fit in your pocket.  One panel contains a stack of coupons which, in many cases, are worth about $50.  A second panel has 50 dots that can be scratched off (like a lottery card).

The participant talks to friends and family and asks them to scratch off one or more of the dots.  The donation amount appears under the dot and ranges from $0.50 to $3.00 (usually).  The person donates the amount revealed when they scratch off the dot(s).  In return, they receive a coupon sheet.  JustFundraising has a video with an excellent explanation.

Questions to Ask Your Prospective Scratch Card Provider

Do you provide customization?

Many fundraising companies, such as JustFundraising, customize the cards.  In JustFundrasing’s case, they put your logo and group name on the outside of their tri-fold scratch cards so your supporters know where the money is being donated.  One unique feature of JustFundraising’s cards is that they have a “Local-Customize It!” program in which the coupons have more local offers.

Do the cards have instructions printed on them?

Make sure that the cards that you are going to purchase have the instructions printed on them. Most people don’t need the instructions, but it’s nice to have them just in case your group member needs them.

Do you provide bonus cards?

Various companies have different ways of providing bonus cards. If they do, they will most likely base it on the number of cards that were purchased.  When we reviewed JustFundraising’s program, we found that they give 20% extra cards with each purchase of 10 or more.

Do you provide incentives?

This is a big deal! In today’s economy, companies are cutting back. Be sure to ask if your fundraising provider will give you prizes or incentives for your group.  At the time that this article was written, JustFundraising was providing free tshirts with the group’s logo and slogan with orders of 20 or more cards.

Other factors to consider

Most scratch card fundraisers are about the same.  Therefore, be sure to ask your provider what makes them better than the others.  And don’t forget to ask about free shipping too!

Think this fundraiser is for you?

You should shop around to see which company works best for you.  The Fundraising Network is not going to suggest that JustFundraising’s Scratch & Help program is the perfect fundraiser for every group, but we like what we have seen from them.  The reviews of their scratch card fundraiser is mostly 5 out of 5 stars with an occasional 4 stars.  In addition to the scratch card program, JustFundraising has many other fundraisers to support you in just about any fundraising endeavor.  To contact them, call toll free 1-888-440-4114 or click here to get information about their scratch card fundraising program.

Discount Card Fundraisers are an All-Around Winning Deal

Discount cards are one of the best fundraisers. Why? They are an all around winner for your fundraising group, for buyers and for businesses.

Winning Deal for Your Fundraising Group

The discount card program has a high profit potential. Discount card companies vary but most offer anywhere from 50 to 90% profit. Most of the time the cards sell for $10, but some premium cards sell for $15 or $20. For example, at 90% profit if your group sells a card for $10 it keeps $9.

Discount cards are virtually hassle free for the seller. They easily fit into a pocket or purse – unlike other products that can be heavy, cumbersome or perishable. Since you collect money at the same time that the card is sold, you don’t have to return to the customer again to deliver the product. So it’s pretty quick and easy to sell them.

Winning Deal for Buyers

At just $10 these cards are very easy for most families to buy. Often you will find that people will buy at least two, one for themselves and one for their spouse or a friend. The cards also make great gifts.

The cards offer discounts at restaurants and retailers where they likely shop anyway. If not, it’s a great way for them to try out new places and get a discount. Most merchants offer two for one deals, 10% off or something special like a free dessert with purchase of two meals. When your custom discount card has local merchants on them your supporters will find discounts that they may not be able to find elsewhere.

Winning Deal for Local Businesses

Local merchants benefit when they participate in the program by increased business. They will likely attract new customers because of the card. Since customers can use it once per month at each retailer they are likely to come back again and again.

Business owners and managers will find it easy to participate in the discount card program. It’s an economical way to promote their products or services. Unlike other forms of advertising and promotion, the discount card programs cost nothing for the merchant to participate. They simply need to complete a form and then honor the cards when customers ask to use them. Finally, businesses are more likely to help your fundraising group this way, rather than just give a straight donation.


When a fundraiser is a winning deal for everyone involved it is more likely to be successful. The discount card is definitely one of those all around win-win-win fundraisers.

About the Author

Angela Costas writes for http://TopSchoolFundraisers.com where parents, students and teachers can find school fundraising ideas and other school activities. Check out the site now for more information about healthy fundraisers and discount card fundraisers.

How to have a successful discount card fundraiser!

So you have decided on discount cards for your fundraiser, now what?

This article will give you a brief overview of what it will take to have a successful discount card fundraiser. You most likely will need detailed step by step instructions as you go through your campaign. For this reason it is absolutely vital to choose a company that continues customer service even after the cards are ordered. This brings us to the most important step, choosing a full service fundraising discount card company.

Choosing a full service fundraising discount card company.

When choosing a card company for your fundraiser there are many items you will want to take into consideration. Most importantly; will the card company get the merchants for your fundraiser card or do they expect you to do the hard work? Getting the merchants takes a bit of skill, if you tried and the merchants aren’t popular or are not offering great deals then the value of the card won’t be as great. A company that SPECIALIZES in fundraising discount cards will be able to gain popular merchants in your area and negotiate great deals. This increases the value of the card and makes them easy to sell. Additionally, gaining the merchants takes a lot of time, between your regular life and volunteering your time, you have enough to do, so leave this up to the professionals. The quality and feel of the card is of utmost importance, a card made of credit card stock with your logo and colors will have a much greater value and will be easier to sell than a generic thin paper card would be. Additionally, make sure support does not end after the order is placed, whether this is your first fundraiser or you are a pro, the experts can give you great tips.

Selecting the optimal number of cards

With most companies you will be able to place quick reorders, this gives you the chance to be conservative with your numbers, but don’t be too cautious!  If you were to order 1,000 cards at $2 each your cost would be $2,000 and selling them would raise $8,000. This great but what if you could have sold 1,500 cards? If you had ordered 2,000 for $1.50 and you sold only 1300 your cost would have been $3,000 but your profit would have been $10,000, even throwing 700 cards in the garbage your group would have raised more funds. If you have a bunch of cards left you can always have a “secondary” campaign to raise even more. With large groups you will want to order 5 to 7 cards per participant (remember if there is a price break you might want to go over that a little). With a small group you can increase the numbers because you will be able to work more effectively towards a common goal. With a 15 person group the local grocer might let you sell cards at their entrance. Greater traffic means more sales.

Creating an incentive for greater sales

The children and parents must have a specific reason for the fundraiser.  “Just to raise money” does not give anyone a reason to put themselves out to sell the cards. However if the fundraiser is specifically to “get new uniforms” or “Pay transportation so the band can march in the Macy’s day parade or compete at Disney” or “buy a concession stand”, you will get much greater results. People want to be part of a cause. If Christopher Columbus had just wanted to go sailing, would he have gotten the funding for a trip that made him world famous? Secondly, motivate the participants by offering a prize, like a Wii or bike to the top seller. The better the prize, the greater the effort.  Think about it, if you could win a brand new car by selling the most Fundraising Discount Cards how much effort would you make? For obvious financial reasons the prize can not be a car. But what if the prize for your little league fundraiser was two tickets to a sold out professional base ball game? How motivated your peewee football team be if they were competing for an autographed football by an all-star from your local NFL team? Be original and work towards a prize that will be the most motivating to your group.

How to distribute the cards

If you have a registration or start to a season or an event where you collect money, the cards should be set up as a “pay to play” sort of situation where everyone pays for their cards in advance of selling them. With a “pay to play” set up you will want to give each person a reduced number of cards (5 is fair) as you do not want to prevent anyone from joining your organization because of the cost. You will want to offer the availability to take more cards without paying for them to try to win the top prize. However, you will want to limit the number of cards given out as extras to avoid fraud and underselling. Give them a number of times that they can turn money in for extra cards, then get more cards to sell. If your organization does not have a formal start or registration, like a church or highschool marching band or you just got a late start, you will want to distribute cards and set a specific date the money is required back in, again extra cards can be gained from turning in money from previous card sales. In general you do not want distribution of cards and money to go through many hands, there should be one or two people that are in charge and allowed to hand out cards and collect money. Don’t give out 100 cards to a coach to distribute to their team and collect the money. They signed up to coach or teach and they are already volunteering for your organization, additionally if they are not motivated or believe in “the cause” the results from that 100 cards will not be as great.

Tracking your progress

If cards are given out in a prepaid distribution (pay to play) you will not need to keep track of those particular cards, and the accounting of the money will be very easy, multiply the number of registrants times your required up front money. In a prepaid distribution tracking need be done ONLY on additional/extra cards. The person(s) in charge of the fundraiser or their assistant will want to track the number of cards that are out for which money has not been received and also the money that has been received. At the very least all remaining cards or money for the cards needs to be turned in before the set deadline. You will find on “turn in day” many will have “lost their cards” or “forgotten them at home” (the old, “dog ate my homework routine”) In these cases you should ask them to pay for the cards and reimburse themselves when they sell them, most people are ok with that, (Note: make sure not to push too hard as some might have some financial hardships). Even if they try to turn in unused cards, remind them of the importance of the fundraiser and the reason for it, then ask them to write a check for the $50 rather than turning in the 5 cards, then they can sell the cards and keep the money.

Fundraising discount cards can be a very easy and profitable way to raise funds for your organization. Once you have a system in place, with help from your card provider, it will run smoothly. You may even decide to swear off other types of fundraisers for your organization.

About the Author

Mark South started in fundraising as a reluctant volunteer for a small soccer organization in Florida, now fundraising has become a way of life for him.  You can contact Mark at his web site: <a href=”http://www.easyfundraisingcards.com”>www.easyfundraisingcards.com</a> or

7010 SunnyBrook Blvd
Englewood, Florida 34224
(941) 830-2500

Spotlight On RonDino Promotions

RonDino Promotions, Inc. has been producing personalized discount cards since 1992.  Now the #1 discount card company in the United States with programs in over 40 states.  Our discount card has 26 local businesses and each card can be registered online for additional online offers posted on your own customized loyalty website.

Our discount cards sell for $10 with 60% profit for your organization.  We have a low 400-card minimum order.  We also work with you in selecting the area businesses that will appear on your card.  We do all the work in acquiring the offers.

Our discount card program is not designed as a typical “door-to-door” fundraiser.  We encourage only safe-selling practices and a typical person sells between 5 and 10 cards… this can be done by selling to familiar neighbors, relatives and co-workers.

Since we put so much time and effort into our cards we can only work with groups of 100 or more members. We specialize in youth sports, booster groups and school organizations such as bands, choirs, and cheerleading.  If your organization does not fall into one of those categories give us a call to see if we can work something out.

With so many fundraisers to choose from we appreciate and value all of our clients – large or small.  Contact us today for more information and sample cards.

RonDino Promotions, Inc.
“You Haven’t Seen a Discount Card Until You’ve Seen Ours…”

Discount Cards vs. Candy Bars… Which is Easiest?

Fundraising discount cards or candy bar sales, which is the easiest form of fundraising?

If you have ever been involved with a fundraising PRODUCT like candy bars or candles you may already know some of the difficulties associated with them. The person in charge generally ends using their living room as a storage unit, then the countless trips to load and unload the product out of your vehicle. Where I live in Florida we have the additional issue with heat. Storage in the garage is out as it may be 80 to 90 degrees in there, additionally Candy bars and candles can not be transported in a trunk or left in a car that is not already cooled off, or you could end up with one big candy bar with 20 wrappers in the middle or one very large candle with many wicks.

With Discount Fundraising Cards storage and transportation is a breeze,  one or two boxes depending on the size of your organization.

But what about distribution, if your organization is small like a boyscout or girlscout troop (10-12 kids), then this is a non-issue. But if you have 300 people in your group, there needs to be a distribution chain of command  (more loading and unloading of boxes). IF you have to distribute your fundraising through coaches, would you rather have to give them each 15 – 10 pound boxes of chocolate? or hand them an envelope? With cards each coach simply gets an envelope and then gives each child/parent a few cards right there at practice on the field. With candy bars you would need to have a parking lot meeting before or after practice (that doesn’t work here in Florida, they would be melted) and what do you do with the extra box for that child that missed practice that day?

With logistics aside, lets take a look from an economic point of view.

With candy bars the club or organization makes money (about 50% of money collected). Money is collected up front and then the family eats the candy bars. Sure the chocolate is higher quality than found in the store, but they are not a great deal, so the end result is they family eats 10 lbs of over-priced chocolate, if a sale is made to an outsider, they are not getting a good deal they are donating with the appearance of a product exchanging hands. what value there is, it is gone 5 minutes later. how often is a donation made where the person does not want the candy bar?

With cards the organization makes 50% to 90% and local businesses gain new clients or gain loyalty from their existing customers, this is not only good for the community but also tends to increase awareness and sponsorship. When a sale is made the card holder will generally recoup their costs with one or two uses of the card with out changing their purchasing habits. However; they will have use of the card for an entire year, saving multiple times the cost of the card. People ask to see the offers on the back of the card and then ask to buy them when they see what a great deal it is for them.

Unlike most fundraisers, Discount Card Fundraisers are a win-win-win:

  • Businesses like them because they bring in more customers. (Free advertising)
  • Supporters like them because they save money with great discounts.
  • Fundraising groups like them because they are highly profitable, customizable, and easy to sell.

Brass tax …. more on economics… 100 children

Chocolate bar sales

  • Sales per child   20
  • Profit per sale   $1
  • Profit per child   $20
  • funds raised for entire organization $2000

Fundraising discount card sales

  • Sales per child   10  (half as many sales)
  • Profit per sale   $8
  • Profit per child   $80
  • funds raised for entire organization $8000

There are many fundraising cards companies to chose from.  Make sure to do some comparing and look for companies that will do everything like

  • Procure the sponsors for your group’s Fundraising Discount Cards
  • Create a custom design for your cards.
  • Use high quality plastic with the look and feel of a credit card
  • Give you a choice of colors and print the cards
  • Ship the cards at no cost to you
  • Will teach you how to organize your fundraiser
  • Offer Quality customer service with extended hours (we can’t always volunteer between 9 and 5)
  • and make sure there are not extra hidden charges

Fundraising Discount Cards are a proven money maker for schools, groups and organizations. I hope you will consider them for your next fundraiser.

About the Author

Mark South started in fundraising as a reluctant volunteer for a small soccer organization in Florida, now fundraising has become a way of life for him.  You can contact Mark at his web site: www.easyfundraisingcards.com or

7010 SunnyBrook Blvd
Englewood, Florida 34224
(941) 830-2500

Discount Card Fundraising

As you know, in a slow economy, groups like yours are in more need of funds than ever. Easy fundraising ideas for your group are so important for raising the necessary money for uniforms, travel, supplies and more. With everyone watching their spending, choosing the right fundraiser for your group is crucial. What are the best fundraisers for these economic times? What are some easy fundraising ideas that will make the most money for your group with the least amount of work?

One of the best fundraising ideas we’ve come across, is the discount card fundraiser. Discount Card Fundraisers are an incredible way for your group to offer a very valuable and easy way for your friends, family and supporters to save money.  Rather than purchasing products that they may not need, your friends, family and neighbors can help your group raise a lot of money by purchasing a discount card that saves them money at merchants in your area.

Discount card fundraisers are excellent ways for merchants, restaurants and stores in your community to support your group and in turn for the community members to support those businesses that support YOU.

Each member of your group sells the discount cards to their neighbors, friends and family for a nominal fee. You can even sell your discount cards at local events, at supermarkets or farmer’s markets. Your group makes money and the buyers of the discount card fundraiser SAVE money. The more discount fundraising cards your members sell, the more profit your group makes.

A discount card fundraiser is now easier than ever for your group. One great way to take the challenge out of the discount card fundraiser for your group is to order from a company that does the work for you. One company, ABC Fundraising has created a way to make the discount card fundraiser absolutely turnkey for your group. Instead of you calling the local businesses and visiting restaurants to try to obtain sponsors for your discount fundraising card, ABC Fundraising will obtain the sponsors for you.

All you have to do is create a list of local businesses that you would like to see on your discount card and wait for your personalized and localized discount fundraising cards to arrive.

Discount cards are such an easy sell – who doesn’t want to save money on food, dry cleaning, coffee, working out, home goods and more? The possibilities with discount card fundraisers are truly endless.

A great way to get your group motivated for your discount card fundraiser is to have group members be involved in brainstorming potential merchants to use for the discount fundraising cards. By being involved in the selection of the merchants, you can ensure that your group members will be more excited about the deals that are offered on your discount fundraising card. If they are excited, their supporters will be excited and your group will sell more cards and raise more money!

It’s important to note that when doing a discount card fundraiser, you want to get started as soon as possible as you have to anticipate a lead time of 4-6 weeks for your group to get personalized discount cards.

About the Author

For more information and to get started right away with your discount card fundraiser, please visit http://www.abcfundraising.com and click on the link for a free sample.