Fundraising Tips

Fundraising for non-profit organizations serves many functions in today’s American community. Whether funds are needed for a local sports team, to restore a church or to purchase uniforms for a school band, organized fundraisers have been helping thousands of groups raise a remarkable amount of money to help support their various causes.

An essential part of a successful fundraising campaign is proper planning. Here is a list of several points that will help you plan your next fundraiser:

Fundraising Checklist
– How much money do you need to raise?
– When do you plan on starting your fundraiser?
– How much time are you willing to spend on your fundraiser?
– How many people do you estimate will be participating in your fundraiser?
– Do you have experience organizing fundraisers? If not, do you know anyone who could give you any feedback?

The next step is to determine which type of fundraiser to use. There are several different types of fundraisers, including fundraiser events such as auctions, and fundraising products like candy or magazine sales. When deciding on which fundraiser is right for your group, refer back to the Fundraising Checklist, then discuss with your committee which programs appeal to them most and why.

You can increase your fundraising results by utilizing a combination of fundraising products. You can also combine products with an event, such as a car wash fundraiser, a raffle or a spaghetti dinner. These are a lot of fun, and can help raise a lot of cash as well. For instance, at your car wash or spaghetti dinner, you can also sell brand name candy bars. When people are purchasing tickets to your event, you can ask: “Would you like a chocolate bar with that?”

Finally, you can add to your ongoing fundraising efforts by choosing additional fundraisers that are easy and will not require much effort, but that will increase your overall fundraising results. One fundraiser you can do all year long, 24 hours a day, is an online fundraiser. An online program will help you raise more profits with less effort.

Combining an online fundraiser with an event and a product is definitely a successful way of boosting your profits.

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