Raise Money and Support Humanitarian Interests for Women at the Same Time

discount card fundraising

“The Fundraiser was a huge success for its first year, and one that will continue to grow for many years to come. With a profit margin of $7.50 per card sold, we were able to provide our squads with full, embroidered, warm-up uniforms with the proceeds of one fundraiser! An impressive accomplishment!”
Samantha Young, Delaware

Blue Heron is one of those Fundraising Companies that you may not have heard of, but they have been helping groups raise money since 1995, and they have been quite successful at it.  The vision behind this company comes from its founder and President, Pete Reed.  Its success comes from his personal philosophy, “The customer is always right!” and the personal service that each customer receives.

Between the fundraising business and his humanitarian work, Pete stays very busy.  However, we caught a few moments with him to find out more about him, and what makes his fundraiser work so well.  Here’s what he had to say.

“Our discount cards are tremendously effective for our customers.  We get mostly schools, sports teams and marching bands, but we also get military and university organizations. It works well for several reasons.

First and foremost for our groups, the cards produce 70-80% profit.  That’s nearly unheard of in fundraising.  The normal ceiling is about 50%.

Second, our cards sell well because they have fantastic discounts, and because they come from businesses in the group’s community.  We work with our groups to get the best possible discounts within their communities.  The businesses don’t have to pay for the ads either.  Local discounts mean (1) people want the cards, (2) the $10 price point makes it an easy sell, and (3) it helps the local community.

Third, we help save their customers money.  There is no setup or production costs for the group unless they have special artwork that requires more attention than normal.

And our customers like the fact that they don’t have to fill a room with inventory they have stocked.  The cards are small enough so that they fit just about anywhere – wallet, purse, pocket. Their group members can carry the cards anywhere and can sell “on the spot” when the opportunity presents itself.”

During the rest of our visit, Pete talked about the groups Blue Heron discount cards have helped and the organization’s dedication to making groups profitable.  It’s not a complicated process, but it is successful and it’s proven effective for raising money.

Though Blue Heron is located along the Delmarva Peninsula in Delaware, Blue Heron has helped groups all over the United States.  Pete’s vision doesn’t stop there, however.  In 2005, through a series of events, Pete began working to help a girl, Slavka (pictured bottom right), in Slovakia and later began helping Aneta (pictured bottom middle) from the Czech Republic.  He didn’t just throw money at the problem.  He equipped these women to be able to live and succeed which led him to form Slavka’s Dream Ltd. (www.slavkasdream.com) His goals are:

  • to help women achieve status in their culture and society,
  • to provide for their families through working and education,
  • to increase hope by helping them to succeed rather than fall into desperation,
  • and to teach others to believe in themselves so that their dreams can become real.

To date, he has helped women in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Romania.

Meeting with Pete was an eye-opening experience.  Groups who want to raise money not only have great potential to meet their goals with Blue Heron fundraising cards.  When they use Blue Heron for their fundraising card provider, they also are helping to support humanitarian efforts for women who would otherwise be trapped in a terrible lifestyle.

Check out Blue Heron discount cards at www.blueheroncards.com.

Spotlight on Ultimate Fundraising’s Cookie Dough Fundraiser

“We listen to what our groups say and help them choose the best program to reach their fundraising goals.”
Pat Van Hesteren
President, Ultimate Fundraising

When it comes to cookie dough, Ultimate Fundraising offers you two types of cookie dough programs: Standard and Home Delivery.

Standard Cookie Dough Program (with three brochure choices)

If you have done a cookie dough fundraiser before, this part will be no surprise to you. Decide on which brochure you want to use, fax in your Participation Agreement Form, and you are ready to start raising money! Tell Ultimate Fundraising how many brochures you need, and they provide them. Brochures include Ultimate Fundraising’s famous cookie dough program as well as tag programs that include cheese cakes, pretzels, dessert bars, funnel cakes and more.

Run your fundraiser for 2 weeks. (The price of the cookie dough ranges from $10-$16.) Your coordinator then completes the master order form indicating the address where they want the delivery to be made and fax in your order and send payment. Your product is shipped to you within two weeks.

Of course, everyone wants to know about the profit. There are two cookie dough tub sizes that you can choose for your fundraiser. The smaller tub gives opportunity for 40% profit, and it also has a lower minimum. This is great for smaller groups. On the other hand, the larger tubs allow for up to 50% profit, but it has a higher minimum. Regardless of the minimum, however, Ultimate Fundraising makes a way for you to get your cookie dough even if you don’t meet the minimum order!

Home Delivery Program

Your group makes 40%-50% profit on each tub sold. There is a $4 shipping charge for each tub to allow for home delivery. Your group uses the order taker and when your campaign is over you tell Ultimate Fundraising how many tubs you sold. They mail you enough activation cards for you to hand back to your supporters who log onto the Crazy About Cookies website and indicate the flavor of cookie dough that they would like and provide a mailing address. Each card has a code that your supporters will enter and the cookie dough will ship directly to their door. It is that easy!

Don’t Forget the Incentives

In a time when many companies are cutting back, Ultimate Fundraising is staying consistent with their incentive for your group. If you sell 1000 tubs or boxes of cookie dough or 1000 bags of their coffee (remember that they offer multiple products), your group receives a Nintendo Wii System or $300 CASH!!!

Add the cash to your fundraising profit total or use the incentive to spur on your members. It’s up to you. Either way, your group has the opportunity to make extra profit!

For more information, click here.

CharityMania Fundraisers: Catch the wave that is sweeping the country!

CharityMania - Unique Fundraisers Based on Your Favorite Sport

The Fundraising Network had the opportunity to speak with a very unique fundraising provider recently.  Dr. Neil Quinn and his daughter, Michele Hannemann, head up an organization named “CharityMania,” a unique sweepstakes fundraiser based on the excitement of professional and college sports.  They help schools, churches, sports teams and other organizations across the U.S. raise the funds that they need.

Dr. Quinn’s history leading to this endeavor is an interesting one that we will leave to another day.  For now, we want to share the information we learned when we talked with Dr. Quinn and Mrs. Hannemann.  (We have included links to supporting information as well.)

You describe your fundraiser using words such as “great,” “unique,” and “new.”  Why these words?

CharityMania provides unique sweepstakes fundraisers based on the excitement of professional and college sports. The organization sells CharityMania Tickets to raise money and keeps 70% as profit (no matter how many tickets they sell!).  Selling is typically easy because of the prizes.  Ticket holders receive a great collection of digital music and are entered into a sweepstakes where they can win $1000s in cash prizes based on the results of the sports teams printed on their sweepstakes game cards.

It’s perfectly suited for organizations who are tired of selling the same old stuff.  CharityMania’s flagship event is the FootballMania fundraiser but we have other unique fundraisers as well.

What type of organizations use CharityMania fundraisers?

CharityMania started running their FootballMania fundraiser for several churches and catholic schools about 20 years ago.  Today they work with hundreds of catholic schools and churches across the country, and their customers also include sports teams and leagues, booster clubs, police and fire departments, cheerleading teams, cancer research groups… you name it.  CharityMania fundraisers work well for ANY size organization.

What makes a CharityMania sweepstakes fundraiser so unique and different?

Bigger profits

You make 70% profit for every CharityMania Ticket you sell. This makes CharityMania fundraisers great for any size organization. Sell 10 tickets, or 10,000 tickets… you make 70% profit on every sale!

It’s unique

If you’re tired of expensive and time intensive fundraisers like cookie dough, scented candles, and gift wrap, CharityMania is the answer. There is no inventory to manage or orders to fulfill, and everyone enjoys playing along with their sweepstakes game cards each week of the fundraiser.

It will expand your fundraising reach

Everyone loves music, sports and the chance to win prize money, all of which are key elements of a CharityMania fundraiser. As a result, people whom you never thought would support your organization are now interested in participating and supporting your cause.

How does it work?

It’s probably easiest to use CharityMania’s most popular FootballMania fundraiser as an example.  Your organization sells CharityMania Tickets for $20, and you keep $14 profit on each and every ticket you sell.  Ticket holders receive a great collection of digital music along with a sweepstakes game card where they get to play along for all 17 weeks of the professional football season and win cash prizes each week depending on how the teams printed on their game card perform.  Any tickets you don’t sell can simply be thrown away after the start of the fundraiser!  CharityMania will let you know each week of the season which game cards won and CharityMania will cover all the prize money.  You can see a ticket and read about it on our web site at https://www.charitymania.com/ticketexample.aspx

You talk about the prizes – digital music and cash prizes.  Can you explain more about that?

Everyone loves prizes.  It’s part of what makes the cards easy to sell.  Participants receive digital music from CharityStudio.  Each CharityMania ticket typically has an “access code” located in the top right corner.  To access the CharityStudio and download music, the ticket owner simply enters a valid CharityStudio “access code.”  As far as how the cash prizes work, our YouTube video makes it very easy to understand.

(Note from TFN:  CharityMania has their own YouTube Channel where you can get all sorts of info.  Go to https://www.youtube.com/user/charitymania/videos  In addition, you can learn more about CharityStudio at: https://www.charitymania.com/ClubLogin.aspx )

Is it just for football?

No.  We have a number of different CharityMania fundraisers based on sports throughout the year.  There are three for FootballMania (including pro and college ball), FootballMania Supermatch (based on the “Big Game”), two for BaseballMania, HoopsMania using college basketball, HockeyMania, RacingMania and even GolfMania.

Given the number of sports we have, we are expecting that if groups haven’t heard of us yet, they will soon!

Is it complicated to manage?

No!  CharityMania prides itself on how easy it is to run one of their fundraisers.

How much money can my organization raise?

Holy Family School in Illinois raised over $69,000.  Wilson Park Youth Baseball in Wisconsin raised over $61,000.  Washington Township Parks & Rec Programs in New Jersey raised almost $40,000.  How much you raise depends on how many people you have selling CharityMania tickets.  Most organizations give each person 10 to 20 tickets to sell.  At $14 profit for each ticket sold, you’ll find that a CharityMania fundraiser will get you to your goal much faster and easier than other fundraisers.

What about organizations who live in areas that can’t afford a $20 price point?

Depending on the time of year and which CharityMania fundraiser a group wants to do, we have some that cost less.  The lower cost cards don’t provide as much profit, but the group still has the potential to raise significant sums of money.

When are these fundraisers available?

Sports are available throughout the year, so CharityMania fundraisers run all throughout the year as well.  No matter what time of year you are needing to fundraise, CharityMania is sure to have a fundraiser for you.

A Final Thought from The Fundraising Network

After learning more about CharityMania from Dr. Quinn, Mrs. Hanneman and from reading their web sites, we were impressed by the profit potential of the CharityMania fundraiser and the widespread appeal given the love for sports shared by many people.  In a nutshell, if you want to raise money – possibly large sums — using a very unique and new fundraiser, this just might be the perfect fundraiser for your group.

If you want more information about CharityMania, visit their website at http://www.charitymania.com or contact them directly by phone (888-909-9994) or email: inquiry@charitymania.com

Spotlight on JustFundraising’s Cookie Dough Fundraisers

On our journey to find the best cookie dough fundraiser for you, The Fundraising Network interviewed Jolian Grant, the President and Owner of Just Fundraising.  As always, our first question was why a group should choose JustFundraising over other cookie dough companies.

“With 15 years of experience in the fundraiser industry, our groups can be confident that we are going to help them to succeed in working toward their fundraising goals,” he said.  He then went on to list many reasons that you should choose them.  In fact, we never got past this first question because the reasons seemed endless.
Free to Start, No Money Up Front, No Risk

  • Wide Variety and Not Just Cookie Dough
  • A Program to Fit Almost Any Group
  • Highest Profit Guarantee and Commitment to Quality
  • Lower Minimums
  • Free Shipping
  • Flexible Payment
  • Special Offers When Available
  • Community Involvement When Tragedy Strikes

Where TFN found an incredible difference is with JustFundraising’s commitment to Superior Support

JustFundraising does their best to equip you with the best online and offline support in order to optimize your time and help your group raise more.

  • You’ll be designated your own personal fundraising assistant to help you select, plan out, and support your fundraiser from beginning to end. All emails and phone calls are promptly returned within 1 hour, during regular business hours.
  • The selling material for all order-takers is second-to-none and virtually does all the selling for you.
  • You can now access their new online Create Your Group Fundraising Page that can make your job easier and help you raise more.
  • Finally, they really do care about your goals and they’re anxious to add you to their growing list of success stories.


Click here and get all the details.  Even if you are not planning a cookie dough fundraiser, It’s definitely worth it to find out about this company.

Spotlight on eFundraising

eFundraising provides non-profit groups with quality products, low prices and excellent service. The number one priority is to serve students, educators, athletes, communities, and other non-profit organizations with a personalized touch that will respond to individual fundraising needs.

Established as the Universal Fundraising Group in 1991, eFundraising is now a leading figure in the North American fundraising industry. eFundraising was created for the purpose of providing non-profit groups with a large selection of quality fundraising products at competitive prices. In May 2001, eFundraising was acquired by QSP (Quality Service Programs, Inc.). This alliance has allowed eFundraising to join one of the biggest names in fundraising, thus adding over 35 years of traditional know-how and expertise to eFundraising’s own innovative fundraising experience. Together with QSP, eFundraising has helped groups like yours raise over 3 billion dollars, quickly and easily!

eFundraising offers a wide range of products so that groups of any type or size can find the product or program that best suits their needs. From Scratchcards to chocolates, cookie dough to discount cards, t-shirts to snacks, all the way to a unique online program, all at up to 90% profit for your group. You’ll also have access to your own experienced fundraising consultant throughout your fundraising campaign to help guide you along and answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Spotlight on G and R Publishing


Located in Waverly, Iowa, G&R has 36 years and more than 10 million books worth of experience helping churches, schools, communities, groups, businesses and families put together custom cookbook keepsakes. Over the years, G&R business has been revolutionized with new technologies. Now, our up-to-date, top-notch equipment and technologies are not only making it easier than ever for our customers to create a custom cookbook with G&R, but G&R can also design, print, bind and ship cookbooks faster than ever before!

Why Choose Custom Cookbooks for Your Fundraiser?

Cookbooks are a wonderful way to share one of life’s true pleasures – delicious food. For many, favorite recipes are a cherished heirloom, and creating a cookbook is a great way to preserve these treasures for future generations. Including an organization’s history in your cookbook is also a nice addition. You’ll receive 5 free personal pages from G&R Publishing. Placed at the beginning of your cookbook, these pages are great for including additional information about your cause, tributes, and photos.

For fundraisers, cookbooks are an easy sell; buyers are lured with the promise of their neighbors’ and friends’ trusted recipes! This highly successful fundraiser will allow many members of your group to be involved, and it’s a great way to promote your group long-term.

Guaranteed Success

G&R Publishing guarantees your custom cookbook fundraiser will be a success. We guarantee that you will be able to raise enough money to pay for your entire order. We are so confident of your success that we not only guarantee it, we finance your success with the best terms in the industry.

Terms – G&R Will Finance Your Fundraiser!

G&R Publishing offers the best terms in the industry for recognized non-profits – 501(c) needed. No money down and 90 days to pay with no interest! Our terms are one-third due in 30, 60 and 90 days after the books are shipped.

For businesses, families, individuals and groups not recognized as non-profits, payment terms are 50% down when the order is submitted and the remaining balance is due before books are shipped.

Create Your Entire Cookbook Online

With G&R’s Online Recipe Submission, you receive the biggest discount, the shortest production time and the most control over the completion of your cookbook! Plus, you can invite others to enter recipes, making this a true group project.

Create your account here. Then enter and edit your recipes. A committee or your entire organization can be given access to enter recipes online, 24/7. Many groups choose to distribute a contributor username and password to their entire organization. This can be done via email or as part of a church or school newsletter. Contributors then visit www.gandrpublishing.com, login to the organization’s account and enter their recipes. These users are limited to entering recipes, viewing recipes previously added, and posting a message to the group’s discussion board. Other groups choose to ask a committee to enter the recipes. Recipe forms can be requested from G&R, then distributed to potential contributors.

Whether choosing G&R’s pre-designed options or uploading custom artwork, your entire cookbook’s design can be done online! You can even view instant pricing updates as you select design options including cover, dividers, binding and personal pages under the Cookbook Design tab.

Before submitting your order, you’ll review your cost calculation per book, add your shipping and payment information then simply submit your order with the click of a button!

Or Let G&R Type Your Recipes for Free

Gather and send G&R Publishing hard copies of your recipes, then sit back and let us take care of the rest! Recipe forms can be requested from G&R, then distributed to potential contributors. Simply distribute at least 3 forms to all potential contributors. Ensure that everyone knows where to return their recipes by a scheduled deadline date.


If you submit your recipes online or a typed recipe file, we will ship your order in 28 business days, depending on the proofing process.

If you submit your recipes to G&R to type, we will ship your completed cookbooks in 38 business days after receiving your order, depending on your proofing timeline.

eBook Publishing

G&R Publishing is the only custom cookbook printer who offers customers an ebook version of their cookbook.

Double your opportunities with your cookbook’s ebook edition! With so many people using eReaders, don’t miss out on this growing and very profitable market. eBooks allow you to easily sell your books down the street, across the country, and even around the world, allowing you to reach those friends and family who don’t live nearby. Your customers can buy your book with a few clicks of the mouse and start enjoying the recipes in minutes; no packaging, no shipping, no worries for you!

Free Guide

Let us send you our free guide. Request a guide at www.gandrpublishing.com, call 800-383-1679 or email books@gandrpublishing.com.

G&R Publishing
507 Industrial Street
Waverly, IA  50677
Fax 800-886-7496

Spotlight On RonDino Promotions

RonDino Promotions, Inc. has been producing personalized discount cards since 1992.  Now the #1 discount card company in the United States with programs in over 40 states.  Our discount card has 26 local businesses and each card can be registered online for additional online offers posted on your own customized loyalty website.

Our discount cards sell for $10 with 60% profit for your organization.  We have a low 400-card minimum order.  We also work with you in selecting the area businesses that will appear on your card.  We do all the work in acquiring the offers.

Our discount card program is not designed as a typical “door-to-door” fundraiser.  We encourage only safe-selling practices and a typical person sells between 5 and 10 cards… this can be done by selling to familiar neighbors, relatives and co-workers.

Since we put so much time and effort into our cards we can only work with groups of 100 or more members. We specialize in youth sports, booster groups and school organizations such as bands, choirs, and cheerleading.  If your organization does not fall into one of those categories give us a call to see if we can work something out.

With so many fundraisers to choose from we appreciate and value all of our clients – large or small.  Contact us today for more information and sample cards.

RonDino Promotions, Inc.
“You Haven’t Seen a Discount Card Until You’ve Seen Ours…”

Spotlight on Sherwood Forest Farms

Today, The Fundraising Network is turning our Spotlight On Sherwood Forest Farms, a company that has been helping groups raise money since 1954.


Since 1954 Sherwood Forest Farms has provided a fun, easy and profitable holiday fundraiser for nonprofit organizations across the country. Selling our fresh wreaths, cedar garlands and other Christmas evergreens with our Profit With Evergreens® fundraising program is a proven success! Here’s why.


  • More than 55 years experience providing wreaths and evergreens to nonprofit organizations
  • Helpful, knowledgeable customer service team working for you and your wreath fundraiser
  • The Noble Fir in our fresh wreaths, centerpieces, and holiday swags is a fragrant, hearty fir that grows at a high altitude in the Cascade Mountains
  • Environmentally friendly harvesting of evergreens means no trees have been cut down, only trimmed to help keep the ecosystem healthy
  • We only sell to nonprofit organizations as a fundraiser.  We never compete with you by selling retail wreaths and evergreens


  • 100% Guaranteed fresh wreaths and evergreens
  • Fundraising sales tools for customers available on the website in My Account area
  • Free bags for evergreens, each item arrives already packaged in an easy to handle plastic bag
  • Easy to use tools for placing and tracking your nonprofit organizations’ order online
  • Free sample Christmas wreath available for display with just a phone call
  • Free sales materials provided once your group signs up for our wreath fundraiser
  • Two options to choose from for your Christmas fundraising program; The Complete Program or the Direct Delivery Program only


  • At least $5-$8 profit on most wreaths and evergreens
  • Your nonprofit organization decides your own profit margin
  • Competitive pricing with no hidden costs
  • Shipping and handling is included in all prices, except Alaska and Hawaii
  • No risk to your group, items are pre-sold
  • Best profit return—it takes approximately 12 candy bars to get the same amount of profit you would get on one Christmas wreath

Your fundraising success is our goal!

Two Programs to Choose From

Sherwood Forest Farms keeps holiday fundraising simple and straightforward for you and your nonprofit organization. Our framework provides an easy way to run your wreath fundraiser, and you can enhance as needed to fit your group.
There are two options for utilizing our holiday fundraiser: Complete Program or Direct Delivery Program Only.
  • Complete Program: With the Complete Program, your group sells the case products and the direct delivery products.  There is a 10 case minimum and the cases go to your group to distribute to your customers.  Any amount of direct delivery items can be sold.  Cases are always sold in full case amounts, products cannot be mixed within the case, any orders for less than 10 cases incur a $40 charge and cases are still sold in full case amounts.
  • Direct Delivery Program Only: With the Direct Delivery Program Only, there is a 10 item minimum.  All the items are sold one at a time, packaged and shipped individually directly to the recipient.  Your group does not handle the evergreens and Christmas wreaths.

Customer Service Tools

We strive to provide all the resources needed for your nonprofit organization to run a successful Christmas wreath fundraiser. Our tools help you track profits, create your own customized flyers, and give you marketing ideas, checklists and organizing tools. Helping you run a fundraiser easily and efficiently is one of our goals.

Success Stories

School groups, scout groups, church groups and other nonprofit organizations use Sherwood Forest Farms year after year because their wreath fundraisers are successful and their customers enjoy the Christmas evergreens so much they ask for it every fall.  They have return customers who can’t wait for the evergreens sale every fall. Click here to read what our customers are saying.

Would you like to know more?

Free Information Packet

Let us send you a free and complete information packet. Your information packet will include:

  • Current Price List
  • Program Sign Up Form
  • An example of the Sales Materials that will be provided to your nonprofit organization
  • A letter briefly outlining how the wreath fundraiser works
  • A Guide for Profit With Evergreens® Fundraising
  • Enclosed in a folder for your convenience

Click here to fill out our information request form or give our office at call at 1-800-767-7778 to receive this free, no obligation, information packet. It contains all the information needed to discuss if your nonprofit would like to use our wreath fundraiser.

Contact Us

Have a question or need help with your wreath fundraiser? You can give our customer service team a call at 1-800-767-7778. Or click here to fill out our contact form to send us an email. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Sherwood Forest Farms
2001 6th Avenue, Suite 2170
Seattle, WA 98121 USA
Toll Free: 1-800-767-7778
Email: sherwood@sherwoodforestfarms.com

Spotlight on Bella Grace Candles

Looking for a unique and profitable way to support your group’s programs?
Bella Grace Candles and accessories are the perfect compliment to your fund raising efforts. Our fragrant, clean burning candles are an enjoyable, healthy and profitable alternative to high calorie junk foods.

Why are candles such a good alternative?
Candles provide an ambiance that no one else can match with any other product. The ability to soothe someone therapeutically with a genuine candle allows for them to realize what cause they truly bought the product for. You even have the option to provide a logo or custom label on the candle due to the size rather then other everyday retail items. By choosing candles you are taking a great wholesome homemade product to raise money for your support group. This is something that can be burned in an office environment as well as a home where other individuals can see your logo to understand the reason behind your cause. Something as good as a candle is something that will last longer and will provide a more in depth longer lasting impression.

Candles provide as such a good alternative for fundraising because you will not run into a problem of them melting or going bad if they do not sell as quickly as anticipated. The perishability factors of candles are non-existent. By selling candles your customers will not feel obligated to purchase they’ll want to; and they’ll come back for more!

Benefits to fundraising with candles…
1.) The option to customize every candle with a clear logo or quote for that continual representation of your organization.
2.) Something anyone can burn and enjoy year round. Not something that can only be hung for a season or can be consumed immediately.
3.) A great handmade product that you can easily earn your money with.

Candles allow you to create your own rewards and the possibilities are endless!

About the Author

Learn more at Bella Grace Candles.