Cookie Dough Fundraisers – 5 Ways to Earn More

The goal of every school fundraiser is obviously to earn money for a particular school or organization. While there are many great fundraising options available, one of the most popular is the cookie dough fundraiser. In this fundraiser students take orders from family and friends for tubs of delicious premade cookie dough. The orders are then turned in and tubs of the dough are delivered and distributed. Here are five helpful tips to help you earn more profit on your next cookie dough fundraiser.

Choose the Right Provider

The fundraising company that you work with will largely determine the amount of profit that your school can earn on a cookie dough fundraiser. Often these companies set a particular profit margin that will be given for each item you sell. Generally you can earn profits ranging from 30%-50% per sale. The amount you will earn will depend on the company you choose. Find a company that will provide you with the highest profits available. Be sure to ask about fees, shipping charges and other expenses as these can cut into a fundraiser’s profitability. Call a few school fundraising companies and compare profit margins before you make your final choice.

Sell Large Amounts

Of course with any fundraising venture, the more you sell the more you earn. However, in cookie dough fundraisers this principle is true in more ways that just one. Most companies will offer you a percentage of each sale. This percentage will fluctuate depending on the amount of product that you are able to move. For example if you sell 100 tubs of dough you might earn 30% and if you sell 1,000 tubs of dough you might earn 50%. Selling more cookie dough secures you a higher profit margin in addition to the earnings that you make with each item sold. Finding ways to sell more can really increase profits.

Reduce Losses

Losses are a part of fundraising, but keeping them to a minimum is important to your profits. Make sure that you plan ahead to reduce potential losses. For example once the cookie dough is delivered it will need to be stored in a refrigerated area. If this isn’t possible you will need coolers. Plan for storage of the dough and find efficient ways to distribute it so that you can limit the amount of dough that cannot be used.

Appeal to Teachers and Support Staff

Many school fundraisers expect the students to handle all of the selling, but if you reach out to others that have an interest in the school you may be able to earn more. Encourage teachers, school staff and others to participate in your fundraiser. You may even want to ask parents to play an active role in the fundraising process. The more people that sell, the more you will earn. Parents, teachers and other adults often have more connections than children and may be able to sell more effectively.

Hold More Than One

While one cookie dough fundraiser can be profitable, two is even better. Remember that some people would love to make a purchase and support your school, but are financially not able to do so at the time of your fundraiser. Others love the cookie dough you sell, but can only use so much before it expires. Hosting multiple fundraisers allows you to reach more customers and will increase your profits.

While earning money is an important part of fundraising, remember that it isn’t the only goal. Take this opportunity to teach students and encourage them while earning the money that your school needs.

About the Author
The Goodies Factory fundraising company specializes in cookie dough fundraising. In fact, we make our own cookie dough in our FDA inspected facilities. We have over five different cookie brochures, over 15 gift brochures, over 20 types of lollipops and Dollar and Hershey’s candy bars. We also have an extensive prize program which includes daily prize programs and grand prizes like limo lunch and bouncy house.