Empower Your Group and Maximize PROFITS!

Ultimate Fundraising Inc. believes that there are many factors that contribute to a successful fundraising campaign. We would like to address how to best increase participation levels, for any of the fundraising campaigns your organization will run, by providing ideas to empower your sellers.

Effective Methods of Motivating Your Sellers

– Insure that each fundraiser has a definite goal amount and clearly communicates to your sellers and supporters what the funds are being raised for

– Include your sellers in the fundraiser selection process

– Along with your fundraising company build a meaningful incentive program that will help to motivate your sellers

– Divide your sellers into teams of 4-8 per team. Assign a team leader who will lead strategy sessions and with the help of the team come up with a marketing plan that will best allow the team to maximize sales.

– Use of progress thermometers provides a visual tool for sellers to track the progress of their team as well as the teams they are competing against.

– Run your fundraisers for no more than 2 weeks and always run one fundraiser at a time. Reward your top selling teams at the end of each week and assign a different team leader for Week One and Week Two.

– Through the use of teams and team leaders your booster club will be working on members leadership skills and empower them. This will result in the sellers taking responsibility for the fundraising programs and more importantly the outcome and reaching the fundraising goal.

– Always do a debriefing session once your fundraiser has concluded that includes all sellers to discuss what worked and what didn`t. This feedback can then be used to strengthen your future fundraisers and the approaches used by your sellers.

Ultimate Fundraising Inc. strives to assist organizations with all steps of their fundraising efforts. We are here to help in the planning stages and throughout your fundraiser. By providing only the highest quality products that are easy to sell and are profitable we are confident that we have everything that your organization would need to reach and exceed its fundraising goals. We offer over 30 different fundraising programs across the United States.

Remember that fundraising is an important part of any organization. Let us provide you with a program that will be structured for your success while empowering your sellers.

Pat Van Hesteren

Ultimate Fundraising Inc. President



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