Get Your Fundraiser Noticed

Katherine, Editor – Skratchers Fundraising Insider

The popular saying “if you build it they will come” may be wishful thinking so don’t assume that everyone will find out about your fundraiser. Make sure you get the word out ahead of time and make it as visible as possible.

1- Get Advertised / Publicity
MOST important is that people know about your fundraising event. Be sure to make the message clear: WHO it’s for, WHAT it’s for, WHEN, WHERE and HOW much you are trying to raise. Use local radio station community spots, community paper, school and church newsletters, local TV, posters and flyers.

2- Get a Central / Well Known Location
Pick a location that everyone knows by name, directing them to an address will improve your attendance. Also pick a location that can handle the requirements of your fundraising event, such as large crowds.

3- Pick the Right Day
Saturdays are usually best. Most people are not working and have less family or religious events to attend. Also, check your calendar so you’re not competing with another big event or holiday. Better yet, take advantage of the traffic from other’s events by setting up your fundraising event near them.

4- Get Trusted Volunteers

Make sure you get the commitment of your fundraising event volunteers. Your fundraiser will fall short if you can’t rely on your helpers. Have backup volunteers lined up in case of absent helpers.

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