How To Have A Successful Fundraiser

Are you tired of small fundraising success? You may not realize it, but it is NOT hard to motivate your group to sell more than ever before. Here’s how.

Have a ‘prime-time’ presentation

1. Kickoff your fundraiser on a day and at a time when you can get the most possible members together for an inspiring, expectant challenge.

2. You should already firmly expect for each member to sell a predetermined number of items. At your presentation, don’t hang loose. Transfer this firm expectancy to the members so each will accept the responsibility of doing his/her fair share to make the fundraiser a success!

3. Aim high! Set a goal and give individual credit. Explain how each member as well as the entire group will benefit!

4. At the end of the ‘prime-time’ presentation have a ‘commitment time’. Get everyone on his/her feet as they commit to sell a given number of items. Start with 50, then 25, then 10. A member who sincerely tries to sell 50 items should be able to sell 25. Your goal is to get each to average selling 25 items ! ! !

During Your Presentation

Demonstrate to your group their potential profit. For example, let’s assume that you are doing a fundraising selling a $12 item with a 50% profit potential:

30 members selling an average of 25 items each = 750 total items sold!

Your group’s Total Profit is based on the following information:

Retail Price – $12.00 per item
Profit Margin – 50% or $6.00 per item
Group’s Total Profit – 750 x $6.00 = $4,500.00

Perhaps you are a larger group of 500 selling an average of 10 items each. Most fundraising companies offer a larger profit margin if you sell more items.

Retail Price – $12.00 per item
Profit Margin – 60% or $7.20 per item
Group’s Total Profit – 5,000 x $7.20 = $36,000.00

Here’s a quick chart for how many items each member should sell.

10 members selling an average of 30 items each = 300 items sold
50 members selling an average of 20 items each = 1,000 items sold
100 members selling an average of 15 items each = 1,500 items sold
250 members selling an average of 10 items each = 2,500 items sold
500 members selling an average of 10 items each = 5,000 items sold
1,000 members selling an average of 5 items each = 5,000 items sold

As you present your examples and expectations, determine your profit per item, multiply it by the total number of items sold to arrive at your Total Group Profit! Motivate the group by getting them excited about how much the group can make when every member reaches their individual goal.

This approach and challenge is really exciting and has the incredible potential of rewarding you with generous funds that exceed your need and goal!

Making the ‘Prime-Time’ Presentation a ‘Big Deal’ will produce ‘Huge Success’!

About the Author

Dale and Billie Smith, co-owners, founded Pizza Makers Fund Raising in Oklahoma City in 1985. After having begun with just one Fund Raiser, we have served customers in 38 states and have increased our delivery service area to 16 states. Outside the 16-state area, we ship by commercial trucking and pay the freight for you!!!

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