How to Pick the Right Fundraising Company

Katherine, Editor – Skratchers Fundraising Insider

Whether this is your first fundraiser or your 100th, you’ll be faced with decisions. One of them will be how to choose a fundraising company. It’s hard enough to plan a fundraising campaign, so you want to be sure the company you choose works with you and isn’t just in it for a quick sale. Below are some things to think about during your search and decision process.

Good Fundraising Companies Ask Questions
Good fundraising companies will need to know about your group to help you the best. This is what they should ask you:

1. Your group’s financial goal
2. Your fundraising timeline
3. The number of potential participants and their ages
4. Any historical information you can provide (e.g. past fundraisers, participation levels, successes and failures).

If they don’t ask these questions, this may suggest that they don’t really care about you. It’s in a good company’s best interest to care and help make your fundraiser a success. They are looking to build customer loyalty and want to be around a long time.

Things You Need to Know About A Fundraising Company
1. How long has the company been in business?
2. How many years of experience does the company representative have in fundraising?
3. Do they listen to your needs and are easy to work with? If so, then they will help you later if problems arise.
4. Are their products of high quality? If so, then your fundraiser will raise more with less hassle.
5. What is the percentage profit of sales? Although the percentage profit is important, there are many other factors that need to be considered (product quality, shipping included, time saving help).
6. What services are available to save you and your volunteers’ time and energy? Does the company provide checklists, collection envelopes, tally sheets and pre-sorting?
7. Are products paid for in advance or upon delivery? Will they work with you on a fair payment option?
8. Is there an incentive or prize program? If so, who pays for it?
9. How are products shipped and when? Who pays the freight?
10. What is the policy regarding damaged or unsold product? What about back orders?
11. Can the company provide references?

Once you find a fundraising company that matches up to the points above, you’ll ensure better success on your next fundraiser and many fundraisers to come.

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