How to Project Manage a Fundraiser

Larger Trivia Nights might need to have a Project Management Team that coordinates all aspects of the up and coming fundraiser. It’s not that scary. To project manage something, is to coordinate all the aspects of a particular project. So to project manage a fundraiser, is to make sure all the aspects of a particular fundraising event are organized.

Here’s what you do. Pool together a team of capable individuals, and people with different skills, e.g. A Computer technician, Business leader, Social Worker, Administrator, Team leader, etc. A team with more expertise is a team that will inevitably create greater results for your fundraiser. Why? The team has more knowledge and understanding of the process; they have greater networks; they can reach higher goals.

Spend the first meeting setting your objectives/goals. What is the goal of this fundraiser? The goal might be to raise $10,000 for Cancer research. The goal might be to raise $5000 for the local bowling club, and raise awareness of the club to the local community. Once you are clear on what your objectives are, then you are a step closer to moving on to implementing the strategy behind reaching those objectives.

Before you jump into DOING what comes to your mind first, it’s helpful to list all your possible jobs/expectations that will need to be fulfilled for the fundraising venture to be successful. This is when you mind map all your ideas on a whiteboard or some butchers paper. Put a word in the middle of the document, e.g. FUNRUN, then have lines come out of the word noting things that you need to complete. So from the middle word FUNRUN, you might have drawn lines coming out from that word and one of those might say, ‘Advertising’, another might say, ‘Trivia Questions’, etc. From the advertising word you might delve a little deeper and list all the advertising ideas.

Now put all your ideas/points into a table on Microsoft Excel, and assign people’s names to each point, and a completion date. Then sort this Excel document from the earliest completion date to the latest date. Now you have a working document that this Fundraising Project Management Team can use to help organise the event. Grab a hold of Microsoft Project and develop a Gantt Chart (more information check out: for info on Gantt Charts).

Download a free (7-day trial) for project management, with Gantt charts at This is generally equivalent to Microsoft Project.

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