Ortanique Fundraisers

With the growing obesity epidemic in the United States, it isn’t hard to understand why many locations are urging groups and organizations to use healthy fundraisers instead of more traditional ones.  Therefore, The Fundraising Network  has compiled a list of a number of fundraising companies who offer these healthy alternatives.  In addition, we are bringing you this series of posts here on The Fundraising Site to help you know more.

What is an Ortanique?

The ortanique is unique hybrid of an orange and tangerine. According to Jamaican folklore, it developed with the help of a pair of lovebirds – one living in an orange tree, the other in a tangerine tree.  Ortaniques are bright orange, incredibly juicy and are only available March through mid-April.  If you are wondering what an ortanique tastes like, it is much like a navel orange with a very slight tangy taste to it.  The flavor is rich and sweet.  Their shape is round but slightly flattened (like a tangerine), and they section very easily.

How do you do an Ortanique fundraiser?

An ortanique fundraising campaign can be incredibly profitable and not complicated though it does take some work.  It is handled much as a traditional truckload fruit fundraiser, but since the delivery date must be in March, sales must be done in January and early February.  Begin taking orders for boxes of fruit (full and half sizes) in January.  Turn in your order halfway into February.  The fruit is delivered on a refrigerated truck in March. (Check back in a few days to learn why we recommend selling full and half boxes rather than large and small.)

Perhaps the biggest drawback for most fundraising groups is the size requirement.  You need to be a large group because you will need to order 500 boxes of fruit just to meet the minimum.  Generally, that requires 100 or more participants selling the fruit.  However, there is an alternative.  In some areas, several small groups work together to sell the fruit.  By working together, they meet the minimum and can meet with great success.

How much money do you raise?

The standard profit on any fruit fundraiser should be about $10 per box if your group sells a full truckload (1000 boxes).  The profit could be slightly less if you sell less than a truckload since the shipping still has to be covered.  In other words, sell a full truck and you stand to make as much as $10,000 depending on your supplier.

Which supplier should you use?

We suggest using a Florida grove that grows their own ortaniques.  Most Ortaniques are grown in Jamaica.  There are very few Florida fruit companies who are able to grow them.  One that stands out is Parker Indian River Groves who have their own groves of ortaniques.