One of the Most Unique Fundraisers The Fundraising Network has Found

“You’ve Been Flamingoed!”

…is what the top of the site says with a picture showing just what they mean.

Flamingo Fundraiser

The concept is simple.  Your supporters pay to have their friends “flamingoed.”  However, you don’t have to stop there.  You can sell “anti-flamingo” insurance and make money from both ends!

The Fundraising Network saw great fun in this one.  Here’s what happens.

So what is this Flamingo Flocking Fun Fundraiser
offered by Result$ Fundraising?

In the dead of the night, your members place the flamingos in the yards of the friends that all of your supporters paid to have “Flamingoed”.  Each of the flocks will have a note explaining how a friend of theirs paid to have them “Flamingoed” in support of your fundraiser and that you will be back to retrieve the flamingoes. The note also lets them know that if they pay your group a donation, when you remove the flock, you will send it to the yard of any friend that they choose. This fundraiser continues to feed on itself as the flamingos migrate from victim to victim.

The money isn’t bad either.  Flocking Donations range from $10-$30 depending on whether your supporter wants a small flock up to a super-size flock.  Anti-flamingo insurance is just $10.  We were doing a little math.

  • If you have a group with 50 supporters and 80% participated and that means 40 people order a small flock (12 bird flock for $10).  That’s $400.
  • 20% order anti-flocking insurance at $10 per policy, so that’s another $200.
  • Of the 30 people who get flocked, 50% (15 people) flock someone else with a small flock, that’s another $150.
  • $400 + $200 + $150.  That’s $750 in just a few nights, and it’s only for small flocks.

If this writer were participating, he can think of at least two flocking vicitms who would receive super-size flocks (60 flamingoes) and many who would receive smaller flocks.  You can see how this grows, can’t you?

Of course, you need to consider your cost too.  2 small flocks (24 flamingos total) cost about $144.  However, you don’t have to buy birds for every order.  Just put your victims in flocking order and move your flocks from yard to yard each night.  Just remember to purchase some extra flamingos to replace any that may get lost for any reason.

So if the laws in your area permit and you have a group that will enjoy this type of activity, this might be the fundraiser for you. Want more information?


The goal of The Fundraising Network is to help you be aware of opportunities to raise money and to help you find them.  However, please note that The Fundraising Network is not responsible for whether or not you choose this fundraiser or for any results — monetary or otherwise.  Results are based on your own choices and participation.

Local Church Publishes Cookbook for Outreach Project

Press release from The Fundraising Network


Contact: Diana Craver
Phone: (470) 239-3945

CUMMING, Georgia – Members of the Salt Life Church will be selling cookbooks to raise funds for local missions as well as other organizations in need within the county.

Printed by G&R Publishing, the cookbook “From Our Table to Yours” is full of tried-and-true recipes collected from the members of the Salt Life Church. These recipes were selected to be mouth-watering yet easy to prepare. Many meal ideas are found in these pages from healthy choices to desserts.

The Salt Life Church is a smaller church with members as big as life itself. Their staff is devoted to making every member feel like they are part of a very special family. Every visitor feels welcomed every time at this loving and friendly church. Everyone is welcomed to visit.

One of the highlights from the many great contributions this book contains is Mama Nea’s Baked Macaroni and Cheese, found on page 21. Submitted by Renee Quick, this recipe is a fabulous choice for the true cheese-lover. On page 35 (and listed below), you’ll find a recipe for Veggie Burger Stack, a feast for any health-conscious eater, submitted by Margaret Chamblee

When asked about the process of putting this cookbook together, cookbook chairperson Diana Craver said, “Our mission began by a simple thought, a plan and a venue. We met in the church one afternoon after the service to discuss the plan. Everyone was thrilled to jump right in and start submitting recipes. Margaret Chamblee had the daunting task of editing every recipe, and then it was organized and approved by Margaret, Nora Craver and myself. Our experience with G&R Publishing has been a very positive one. We highly suggest contacting them if your organization needs a way to raise funds.”

Creating the recipes you find in this cookbook will be a fun, and a wonderful experience. There are some surprises in the book as well, such as a section for kid’s crafts, how to set your table, and much more. If you have wondered about healthy eating, the pastor’s wife Nora, spent many hours compiling some healthy tips to nourish our bodies. Furthermore, there is a section about fasting for body and soul.

These books are a great value at $10.00 per book and are a great gift idea for the upcoming holiday season. They can be purchased at the Cumming Fair from 10/3 to 10/13 or you can contact the Salt Life Church at 215 Advantage DR, STE. 200, Cumming, GA 30040 or call (770) 549-1856. You can also find Salt Life Church on Facebook & Twitter.

To publish your own custom cookbook, contact G&R Publishing toll-free at 800-383-1679 or logon to

Veggie Burger Stack

Margaret Chamblee

Morningstar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burgers (in the Frozen grocery section)
Super Bowl Guacamole
Tomato slices
Caramelized onions (Pan-fry any onions on med. heat in olive oil until caramelized.)
Alfalfa sprouts
Salt & Pepper to taste

Cook Morningstar Farms Black Bean Burgers according to box. Top with guacamole, slice of fresh tomato, salt and pepper, caramelized onions, and alfalfa sprouts.
Serve with Maggie’s Baked Fries for a delicious and healthy meal.
1 John 5:6

If you have a fundraising-related press release, fax it to 888-770-7888 or email it to

Three Steps for a More Profitable Fundraiser

The search for a fundraiser can be a bit overwhelming. There seem to be thousands of choices, from selling chocolate and magazines to collecting used cell phones and ink jet cartridges. Whichever means you finally choose as means of raising money, you can be sure to have a positive result if you take these three time-tested steps.

Step 1: Create a plan.

The person or team in charge of the fundraiser needs to make some decisions, including the following:

  • Determine what items will be sold or collected for fundraising: Is the fundraiser limited to selling cookie dough in the neighborhood or will the entire town be involved?
  • Determine the timeframe for your fundraiser: Allow several weeks to get the word out, sell or collect the items of choice, and deliver and collect money.
  • Set a goal: Set an aggressive but achievable goal in terms of how much money is to be raised. Choose a goal and advertise it for all to see. You could say something like, “To reach our fundraising goal, each person must sell 25 candy bars.”
  • Make an advertising plan: Determine what groups of donors you wish to approach and determine the best way to address them- by letter, neighborhood door drops, email, through their children, in combination with some other event, etc.

Step 2: Train your team

This is an extremely important part of your fundraiser. The amount of money that you earn depends on how well your team understands your cause.  The first step is to hold a meeting. Include everyone in your organization, school or club who will be fundraising. Make copies of the goals and mission of your fundraiser and hand them out. Explain the “who, what, when, where, and whys” of your fundraiser:

  • Who will be fundraising
  • What you are selling or collecting
  • When you will be selling or collecting
  • Where the items will be sold or collected
  • Why you are holding this fundraiser

Step 3: Advertise your fundraiser

There are several ways to get the word out about your fundraiser. The more people who know about it, the more successful it will be.

  • Post flyers at your local business, your school and your church. Have parents hang a flyer at their office.
  • Hand out letters to friends, classmates and neighbors.
  • Send emails to your friends and family. Have your parents email everyone at work.
  • Issue a press release to all local newspapers that explains your fundraiser.
  • Advertise your fundraiser on local radio stations.


It all sounds pretty basic, but you’d be surprised at how well your fundraiser will run if you just take the time to plan, train, and advertise.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers with TK Fundraising – The Premium Collection

The Premium Collection is just one of the cookie dough fundraisers that TK Fundraising offers.  You have probably found that same fundraising program offered by other companies too.  So what’s the difference between this TK and others fundraising companies?  According to Karen, the owner:

TK Fundraising offers many years of experience in fundraising to help you be successful. In addition, they offer excellent customer service and genuinely cares about their customers.  Here are two examples.

1. Some cookie dough companies offer higher percentage profit, but they charge for shipping. Though you make more profit on the sale, the weight of the cookie dough causes shipping costs to be higher. In the end, you do not make as much money because of your shipping cost. Be sure to read the fine print. With TK Fundraising, as long as you meet sales goals, shipping is included. You’ll find that TK Fundraising is up-front about everything. No hidden fees.

2. TK Fundraising offers multiple types of cookie dough programs not only to provide a wide range of choices for you but also to fit your budget. You may choose from dry or frozen dough, choose from programs that have large or small minimum purchases, and even choose a higher or lower cost. It’s all about you, the customer and what you need and want.

Premium Collection — 2.7 lb. Tubs

Wonderful Gourmet Cookie Dough in tubs! Enjoy delicious “Home Made” cookies without the mess!

This program features 13 delicious flavors of 2.7 lb resealable tubs of cookie dough! The tubs yield 48 .9oz cookies. There is a 250 tub minimum and you must round each item to the nearest case. There are 6 tubs per case.

Choose from the following 13 Mouth Watering Gourmet Flavors!

  • Chunky Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter
  • Oatmeal Raisin
  • MM Candies
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Sugar
  • Macadamia White Chocolate
  • Triple Chocolate
  • Walnut Chocolate Chunk
  • Reese peanut Butter Cup
  • White chocolate oatmeal cranberry
  • Lemon Drop
  • Monster
  • Chocolate covered cookie dough bites

Cookie Dough can be thawed and refrozen multiple times without compromising the quality or taste of the product. The cookie dough can be kept frozen for one year, refrigerated for 6 months and kept at room temperature (between 66 – 77 F) for 21 days.

Comes in tubs. Each 2.7lb tub yields 48 .9oz cookies. Sells for $14 per tub. 250 tub minimum. Your profit ranges from 30-50% depending on how much you sell. Free Shipping and handling!

250 to 400 tubs = 30% profit
401 to 600 tubs = 35% profit
601 to 1500 tubs = 40% profit
1501 to 2500 tubs = 45% profit
2501 and up = 50% profit

All products are kosher certified and 0g trans fat per serving! Normal delivery is 2-3 weeks after receipt of payment and order. All orders must be prepaid and are non-refundable.


The Fundraising Network will be featuring more of TK’s cookie dough fundraising programs in the near future.  Be sure to check back!  If you’d like to learn more now, visit

Spotlight on… CharityMania’s BaseballMania Fundraiser!

Stuck in a fundraising rut?

Are you a school, PTA, booster, sports, or non-profit organization looking for that new and creative way to raise money?  Are you tired of fundraisers that are labor intensive and hard to manage?  Or are you just bored of simply selling the same old stuff?  Well, look no further.

CharityMania is your solution

CharityMania provides unique sweepstakes fundraisers based on the excitement of professional and college sports.  With our BaseballMania fundraiser, your organization will order and sell CharityMania Tickets to raise money and keep 70% as profit.  BaseballMania ticket holders receive a great collection of digital music, and they are entered into a sweepstakes where they can win $1,000s in cash prizes based on the number of runs scored by the baseball teams printed on the backs of their sweepstakes game cards.

The Sweepstakes Game Card is our fundraiser’s secret sauce!

All sweepstakes game cards have an equal chance to win prize money based on the performance of the random baseball teams printed on the back. Game cards contain 3 random teams in each of the last 15 full weeks of the pro baseball season (you get 3 new teams each week). To play the game, participants simply add up the runs scored by their 3 teams. Every week, the 10 highest scoring game cards, and the 4 lowest scoring game cards all win prizes. For the best explanation of the game:

Other BaseballMania Benefits

BaseballMania is super-simple to run. There is no inventory to manage or orders to fulfill, and it is great for any size organization.  Check out all the BaseballMania fundraiser information on our website,  You can also check out our other fundraisers based on pro football, college basketball, pro hockey, and other sports.  Start hitting your fundraising home run today!

Our Contact Info:

CharityMania Fundraisers

Spotlight on Aqua Cool Towels Fundraiser

Aqua Cool Towel fundraiser is great for any sporting group or event.
Aqua Cool Towel

Low Minimum — Good Price Point — Very Good Profit Margin

Goldrush Fundraising  is a family-owned fundraising business. Their main goal is to give non-profit organizations new, exciting, and profitable fundraising products.

Goldrush’s newest product is their Aqua Cool Towel.  This item is perfect for sport groups, especially school teams/groups. The PVA construction stays 15-20 degrees cooler than the air. Wear it around your neck, and it offers a big relief from the heat.

You can have the towel custom imprinted (such as with your logo) or simply use the Aqua Cool brand. The fundraiser is available as a direct sale in-hands seller, or Goldrush Fundraising will design an order form your organization can print and use for take pre-orders.

This item is sold to your customers for $15.00 each. Your organization profits $7.00 a towel!!!  With a low minimum order of 50, a price point that fits most budgets, and a great profit margin, you should have a very successful fundraiser!

For more details, you can view this fundraiser at  (In the left margin, click “Cooling Towels” that appears under Direct Sales.)

How to Turn your Group into a True Team

Definition of a Team: A group of people who do “collective work”, and are “mutually committed” to a common team purpose and challenging goals related to that purpose.

The key characteristics that will make any fundraiser a success are Collective Work and Mutual Commitment.

Each member holds themselves and each other jointly accountable for the team’s performance. The team will automatically think and act as an army, collectively combined and share a genuine conviction that “WE”, which is the potent concept behind every “Team”, will succeed or fail together, and that no individual can succeed while the team fails!!

  1. The Purpose
  2. Goals

It is also important to clearly define the purpose of the fundraiser, as well as the goals (including the reason(s) for fundraising and the actual finacial goal). Without the purpose and goals to reach, no group will ever become a team!

The group members that make up the team need clarity on: Exitus acta probat (the results validate the deeds):

  1. Their own individual roles to meet their individual goals
  2. How each group member is required to interact with their supporters based on the fundraising product or program
  3. Always set a minimum requirement, and make it a standard mandatory requirement
  4. The team’s final goal

The questions that each administrator can ask themselves to know that this will be a success are:

  1. Are we all committed to a worthwhile purpose?
  2. Are we pursuing a very clear common goal based on that purpose?
  3. Are the blueprints detailed, and the plan of action in place for the team to reach our goal?
  4. Are each of the members individually clear on their own roles and responsibilities?
  5. Does everyone share the same sense of values and beliefs about we expect of each other, and how we treat and respect each other?
  6. “Seeing is believing” – Tools are needed that are easily accessible at all times to show the statistics on this fundraiser being successful
  7. Deadlines and/or due dates are required for any project

Once all of the above is clearly understood and defined by the entire team, then everything is in place to guarantee a successful fundraiser!


About the Author

eFundraising provides non-profit groups with quality products, low prices and excellent service. Visit or call 1.800.561.8388 for more information.

Spotlight on eFundraising

eFundraising provides non-profit groups with quality products, low prices and excellent service. The number one priority is to serve students, educators, athletes, communities, and other non-profit organizations with a personalized touch that will respond to individual fundraising needs.

Established as the Universal Fundraising Group in 1991, eFundraising is now a leading figure in the North American fundraising industry. eFundraising was created for the purpose of providing non-profit groups with a large selection of quality fundraising products at competitive prices. In May 2001, eFundraising was acquired by QSP (Quality Service Programs, Inc.). This alliance has allowed eFundraising to join one of the biggest names in fundraising, thus adding over 35 years of traditional know-how and expertise to eFundraising’s own innovative fundraising experience. Together with QSP, eFundraising has helped groups like yours raise over 3 billion dollars, quickly and easily!

eFundraising offers a wide range of products so that groups of any type or size can find the product or program that best suits their needs. From Scratchcards to chocolates, cookie dough to discount cards, t-shirts to snacks, all the way to a unique online program, all at up to 90% profit for your group. You’ll also have access to your own experienced fundraising consultant throughout your fundraising campaign to help guide you along and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

How to have a successful discount card fundraiser!

So you have decided on discount cards for your fundraiser, now what?

This article will give you a brief overview of what it will take to have a successful discount card fundraiser. You most likely will need detailed step by step instructions as you go through your campaign. For this reason it is absolutely vital to choose a company that continues customer service even after the cards are ordered. This brings us to the most important step, choosing a full service fundraising discount card company.

Choosing a full service fundraising discount card company.

When choosing a card company for your fundraiser there are many items you will want to take into consideration. Most importantly; will the card company get the merchants for your fundraiser card or do they expect you to do the hard work? Getting the merchants takes a bit of skill, if you tried and the merchants aren’t popular or are not offering great deals then the value of the card won’t be as great. A company that SPECIALIZES in fundraising discount cards will be able to gain popular merchants in your area and negotiate great deals. This increases the value of the card and makes them easy to sell. Additionally, gaining the merchants takes a lot of time, between your regular life and volunteering your time, you have enough to do, so leave this up to the professionals. The quality and feel of the card is of utmost importance, a card made of credit card stock with your logo and colors will have a much greater value and will be easier to sell than a generic thin paper card would be. Additionally, make sure support does not end after the order is placed, whether this is your first fundraiser or you are a pro, the experts can give you great tips.

Selecting the optimal number of cards

With most companies you will be able to place quick reorders, this gives you the chance to be conservative with your numbers, but don’t be too cautious!  If you were to order 1,000 cards at $2 each your cost would be $2,000 and selling them would raise $8,000. This great but what if you could have sold 1,500 cards? If you had ordered 2,000 for $1.50 and you sold only 1300 your cost would have been $3,000 but your profit would have been $10,000, even throwing 700 cards in the garbage your group would have raised more funds. If you have a bunch of cards left you can always have a “secondary” campaign to raise even more. With large groups you will want to order 5 to 7 cards per participant (remember if there is a price break you might want to go over that a little). With a small group you can increase the numbers because you will be able to work more effectively towards a common goal. With a 15 person group the local grocer might let you sell cards at their entrance. Greater traffic means more sales.

Creating an incentive for greater sales

The children and parents must have a specific reason for the fundraiser.  “Just to raise money” does not give anyone a reason to put themselves out to sell the cards. However if the fundraiser is specifically to “get new uniforms” or “Pay transportation so the band can march in the Macy’s day parade or compete at Disney” or “buy a concession stand”, you will get much greater results. People want to be part of a cause. If Christopher Columbus had just wanted to go sailing, would he have gotten the funding for a trip that made him world famous? Secondly, motivate the participants by offering a prize, like a Wii or bike to the top seller. The better the prize, the greater the effort.  Think about it, if you could win a brand new car by selling the most Fundraising Discount Cards how much effort would you make? For obvious financial reasons the prize can not be a car. But what if the prize for your little league fundraiser was two tickets to a sold out professional base ball game? How motivated your peewee football team be if they were competing for an autographed football by an all-star from your local NFL team? Be original and work towards a prize that will be the most motivating to your group.

How to distribute the cards

If you have a registration or start to a season or an event where you collect money, the cards should be set up as a “pay to play” sort of situation where everyone pays for their cards in advance of selling them. With a “pay to play” set up you will want to give each person a reduced number of cards (5 is fair) as you do not want to prevent anyone from joining your organization because of the cost. You will want to offer the availability to take more cards without paying for them to try to win the top prize. However, you will want to limit the number of cards given out as extras to avoid fraud and underselling. Give them a number of times that they can turn money in for extra cards, then get more cards to sell. If your organization does not have a formal start or registration, like a church or highschool marching band or you just got a late start, you will want to distribute cards and set a specific date the money is required back in, again extra cards can be gained from turning in money from previous card sales. In general you do not want distribution of cards and money to go through many hands, there should be one or two people that are in charge and allowed to hand out cards and collect money. Don’t give out 100 cards to a coach to distribute to their team and collect the money. They signed up to coach or teach and they are already volunteering for your organization, additionally if they are not motivated or believe in “the cause” the results from that 100 cards will not be as great.

Tracking your progress

If cards are given out in a prepaid distribution (pay to play) you will not need to keep track of those particular cards, and the accounting of the money will be very easy, multiply the number of registrants times your required up front money. In a prepaid distribution tracking need be done ONLY on additional/extra cards. The person(s) in charge of the fundraiser or their assistant will want to track the number of cards that are out for which money has not been received and also the money that has been received. At the very least all remaining cards or money for the cards needs to be turned in before the set deadline. You will find on “turn in day” many will have “lost their cards” or “forgotten them at home” (the old, “dog ate my homework routine”) In these cases you should ask them to pay for the cards and reimburse themselves when they sell them, most people are ok with that, (Note: make sure not to push too hard as some might have some financial hardships). Even if they try to turn in unused cards, remind them of the importance of the fundraiser and the reason for it, then ask them to write a check for the $50 rather than turning in the 5 cards, then they can sell the cards and keep the money.

Fundraising discount cards can be a very easy and profitable way to raise funds for your organization. Once you have a system in place, with help from your card provider, it will run smoothly. You may even decide to swear off other types of fundraisers for your organization.

About the Author

Mark South started in fundraising as a reluctant volunteer for a small soccer organization in Florida, now fundraising has become a way of life for him.  You can contact Mark at his web site: <a href=””></a> or

7010 SunnyBrook Blvd
Englewood, Florida 34224
(941) 830-2500

Spotlight on G and R Publishing


Located in Waverly, Iowa, G&R has 36 years and more than 10 million books worth of experience helping churches, schools, communities, groups, businesses and families put together custom cookbook keepsakes. Over the years, G&R business has been revolutionized with new technologies. Now, our up-to-date, top-notch equipment and technologies are not only making it easier than ever for our customers to create a custom cookbook with G&R, but G&R can also design, print, bind and ship cookbooks faster than ever before!

Why Choose Custom Cookbooks for Your Fundraiser?

Cookbooks are a wonderful way to share one of life’s true pleasures – delicious food. For many, favorite recipes are a cherished heirloom, and creating a cookbook is a great way to preserve these treasures for future generations. Including an organization’s history in your cookbook is also a nice addition. You’ll receive 5 free personal pages from G&R Publishing. Placed at the beginning of your cookbook, these pages are great for including additional information about your cause, tributes, and photos.

For fundraisers, cookbooks are an easy sell; buyers are lured with the promise of their neighbors’ and friends’ trusted recipes! This highly successful fundraiser will allow many members of your group to be involved, and it’s a great way to promote your group long-term.

Guaranteed Success

G&R Publishing guarantees your custom cookbook fundraiser will be a success. We guarantee that you will be able to raise enough money to pay for your entire order. We are so confident of your success that we not only guarantee it, we finance your success with the best terms in the industry.

Terms – G&R Will Finance Your Fundraiser!

G&R Publishing offers the best terms in the industry for recognized non-profits – 501(c) needed. No money down and 90 days to pay with no interest! Our terms are one-third due in 30, 60 and 90 days after the books are shipped.

For businesses, families, individuals and groups not recognized as non-profits, payment terms are 50% down when the order is submitted and the remaining balance is due before books are shipped.

Create Your Entire Cookbook Online

With G&R’s Online Recipe Submission, you receive the biggest discount, the shortest production time and the most control over the completion of your cookbook! Plus, you can invite others to enter recipes, making this a true group project.

Create your account here. Then enter and edit your recipes. A committee or your entire organization can be given access to enter recipes online, 24/7. Many groups choose to distribute a contributor username and password to their entire organization. This can be done via email or as part of a church or school newsletter. Contributors then visit, login to the organization’s account and enter their recipes. These users are limited to entering recipes, viewing recipes previously added, and posting a message to the group’s discussion board. Other groups choose to ask a committee to enter the recipes. Recipe forms can be requested from G&R, then distributed to potential contributors.

Whether choosing G&R’s pre-designed options or uploading custom artwork, your entire cookbook’s design can be done online! You can even view instant pricing updates as you select design options including cover, dividers, binding and personal pages under the Cookbook Design tab.

Before submitting your order, you’ll review your cost calculation per book, add your shipping and payment information then simply submit your order with the click of a button!

Or Let G&R Type Your Recipes for Free

Gather and send G&R Publishing hard copies of your recipes, then sit back and let us take care of the rest! Recipe forms can be requested from G&R, then distributed to potential contributors. Simply distribute at least 3 forms to all potential contributors. Ensure that everyone knows where to return their recipes by a scheduled deadline date.


If you submit your recipes online or a typed recipe file, we will ship your order in 28 business days, depending on the proofing process.

If you submit your recipes to G&R to type, we will ship your completed cookbooks in 38 business days after receiving your order, depending on your proofing timeline.

eBook Publishing

G&R Publishing is the only custom cookbook printer who offers customers an ebook version of their cookbook.

Double your opportunities with your cookbook’s ebook edition! With so many people using eReaders, don’t miss out on this growing and very profitable market. eBooks allow you to easily sell your books down the street, across the country, and even around the world, allowing you to reach those friends and family who don’t live nearby. Your customers can buy your book with a few clicks of the mouse and start enjoying the recipes in minutes; no packaging, no shipping, no worries for you!

Free Guide

Let us send you our free guide. Request a guide at, call 800-383-1679 or email

G&R Publishing
507 Industrial Street
Waverly, IA  50677
Fax 800-886-7496

Who’s Here on The Fundraising Site?

The Fundraising Network provides you access to many of the top Fundraising Companies available.  Some of those companies have allowed us to post their articles here to help people and groups just like you.  Here is a list of those companies.

ABC Fundraising

All Star 1

Christmas Forest



ESC Promotions

G and R Publishing


Parker Indian River Groves

RonDino Promotions

Sherwood Forest Farms

The Goodies Factory

TK Fundraising

Ultimate Fundraising

Wulbrandt Studios – We regret to inform you that the owner of Wulbrandt Studios passed away last year.  We are sorry to see her go as her Christmas Ornament fundraiser was one of the most unique and beautiful that we have seen.

7 Reasons NOT to Have a Youth Group Bake Sale

Many youth groups plan bake sales to support their programs, summer camp or trips.  Everyone likes cookies and cupcakes, so why not have a bake sale?  While a bake sale might sound like a good idea, here are 7 reasons why may not be the best idea.

1. Bake Sale Item Prices – Bake sale items are typically priced quite low.  After all, you can only charge so much for a little zippy bag of cookies.  Prices generally range from 50 cents to $10 for a cake.  So unless they give an extra donation, each person who makes a purchase is contributing a very small amount.

2. Impossible Volume – Considering the low price point of items, your church youth group would have to do a lot of baking to come up with enough items to generate a good income at the end of the day.  With baked goods it’s just not possible.

3. Potential Funds Raised –Unless you only need to raise $100 or less your group is not likely to reach it’s goal with a bake sale.  Why would you spend so much effort on something that produces so little results?

4. Too Much Work – Anyone who’s ever baked items for a sale (and I have) knows how much work it is.  It may take all afternoon to bake a few dozen cookies and cupcakes.  At best your hard work will fetch the organization $10-20.  Was it really worth it?

5. Perishable Foods – Baked goods need to be sold the day of the sale.  If bad weather, a low crowd or something else thwarts the bake sale, you can’t save them for later.

6. Too Many Fundraisers –Because bake sales generate such a low amount of income for the group, it becomes just one more fundraiser people are asked to participate in.  After awhile even people who support your group will get tired of being asked.

7. Divides Your Efforts – Because your youth group is spending time on the bake sale, it is taking time away from fundraisers that could be more profitable. Why not focus all of your efforts on one or two fundraisers that will produce much more results?

Instead of wasting time with a bake sale, find a fundraiser that is the best match for your church youth group.  An effective fundraiser is appealing to a wide majority of your supporters, brings in the most amount of money compared to the effort and doesn’t cost more than is appropriate.

There are a variety of great fundraising ideas…bake sales are just not one of them!

About the Author
Sandra Sims is dedicated to helping groups raise more for their causes. She is the publisher of a website that features the best fundraising options including a list of the Top 5 Event Fundraisers.

The Popularity of Popcorn Makes for a Great Fundraiser

Each year popcorn sales have continued to climb as new popcorn creations are invented. Popcorn companies modernized their product over the years, offering many new varieties which help keep this one of the most popular treats.

In the 1970’s hot air popcorn poppers were introduced.  These electric appliances make popcorn with very little fat.  Microwavable popcorn changed the industry in the 1980’s and it has become a household staple. Variety tins and special flavored gourmet popcorn have also gained popularity, not to mention that it’s the top moviegoers snack choice.

Popcorn makers have also capitalized on the low-fat, low-calorie trend as people attempt to lose weight. Light, 100-calorie snack packs and 94% fat-free versions are choices that are now available. They also advertise the health benefits of popcorn, including its high dietary fiber.

Americans consume more than 17 billion quarts of popcorn annually. That averages out to roughly 68 quarts per person. And in 2001, popcorn sales in America exceeded $1 million.

Boy Scouts of America has cashed in on the success of popcorn sales. A mere 7 councils participated the first year that scouts sold popcorn. Over the last 25 years it has become the top-rated fundraiser for cub scouts packs across America. Today, Trail’s End serves more than 285 councils (including packs and troops,) with over $1 billion raised for the nonprofit organization. For this reason, it is the only pre-approved fundraiser of Cub scouts and Boy Scouts of America.

Popcorn is destined to be an American favorite for many years to come. From light versions to chocolate-drizzled gourmet caramel corn and variety tins, popcorn is a versatile product that can be changed to meet the current marketing trends and remain a profitable product.

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Tracy Rose is a Freelance Writer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Written Communication. There’s more information about popcorn available including popcorn fundraisers for cubscouts and popcorn fundraisers for other groups.

5 Tips for Publicizing Your School Fundraiser

You can have a great school fundraiser planned, if parents, teachers, students and community members don’t know about it – then your school isn’t going to raise nearly as much as it could. So getting the word out is super important for the success of your fundraiser. Here are 5 tips for successful publicity for your school fundraiser.

1. Focus on the benefit of the fundraiser. Parents, teachers and community members are more likely to participate if they truly understand how funds raised will be used for the school. Doesn’t it sound better that your school is “raising money to send the marching band to a national competition” as opposed to simply “please support our school?”  Even if you’re doing just a general school fundraiser it still benefits the school’s education programs, right?  Focus on what benefits your students will receive from funds raised.

2. Offer alternatives to asking “the usual suspects.” Many workplaces today do not permit fundraising activities at all, so parents cannot ask co-workers for their support. Suggest creative alternatives such as asking contacts from religious groups, social and civic clubs.  If you’re doing a product sale fundraiser like a gift catalog remind them that the items will make good gifts.  You can shop now for the holidays and beat the store crowds!

3. Send Press Releases to Media. Former students or parents that had children in the school may like supporting your fundraiser – but will only have the chance to do so if they are made aware of it. Write a press release with all of the information about the fundraiser and contact information. Then you will need to submit your press releases to your local media outlets and to online distribution services. Reporters and newscasters are often quite busy – so don’t hesitate to follow up with a phone call or two for those who don’t respond.

4. Send Flyers Home. Parents should be notified immediately once your school decides to do a fundraiser. Sending a flyer or letter home is one thing you should always do.  If you have the budget for it, you may want to mail the letter so you can be sure the parents get it.  Many schools now maintain email lists for parents, and sending an email to all parents could be a terrific way to notify give them all of the necessary details. Send another flyer midway through the campaign so parents will know how the program is going and remind them to contribute.

5. Use Your Internal Media. Many schools have a web site and you can create a special page dedicated to your fundraiser.  If your school, PTO or other group has a newsletter make sure your event gets included.  The Principal or teacher who gives the morning PA announcements can keep students updated on the progress of the fundraiser.  Even better, let the students who have raised the most give the morning announcements!

To really get the most awareness and participation for your fundraiser, you need to communicate with your supporters several times.  It takes more than just one flyer to get the message across.  People may intend to join in but get busy and forget.  So a gentle reminder may really be appreciated, and give your group a better chance for success!


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Angela Costas enjoys helping school groups find fundraisers.  She is a frequent writer for a site that provides many free fundraising ideas including school spirit, school carnivals and much more.

10 Cookie Dough Fundraising Tips

If your school needs more money this year planning a school fundraiser is a great choice. Cookie dough fundraisers can be very profitable and by using these tips they can even be an enjoyable way to raise money for a good cause. Here are 10 cookie dough fundraising tips that will help make your next fundraiser a success.

Plan Ahead

A little planning can go a long way in fundraising success. Before you start your fundraiser plan out dates and find volunteers. You will find that your previously made plans will make the stress of the fundraiser a lot more bearable.

Encourage Parent Participation

When you get parents to help you will have more sales. Helpful parents can encourage friends, coworkers and associates to buy cookie dough and increase your profits. Don’t expect students to do this alone, get their parents to help.

Choose a Great School Fundraising Provider

The school fundraising company that you choose to work with will determine the success of your fundraiser. Make sure that you work with a reputable company known for helping schools to succeed.

Set Goals

If you set goals you can work to achieve them. Figure out how many tubs of cookie dough you need to sell and then set a goal so that you can work to achieve it. Share your goals with students and parents to unite your school and achieve fundraising success.

Stay Positive

A positive attitude will help any school fundraiser to go more smoothly. Whether things are going right or wrong keep a positive attitude. Your good attitude will rub off on others and will make the fundraiser more fun for all involved. Remember that students and parents will be more excited to help on the next fundraiser if they have a good experience on this one.

Help the Students to Achieve

Students want to succeed and will work hard to make your fundraiser a success if you give them the tools that they need. Help them to understand deadlines and give plenty of reminders so that your students are able to get all of their fundraising paperwork and money in on time. You may also want to consider teaching students good ways to communicate with potential buyers. Remember safety is important so teach each student important school fundraising safety tips.

Be Organized

Organization can make or break your fundraiser. Before you start create an organizational plan and then stick to it. Be sure to keep detailed records of each cookie dough sale, money received and orders taken. This will help you to ensure that each person gets the product that they order.

Get Help

Don’t try to run a fundraiser on your own. Enlist volunteers from the very beginning of the fundraiser. You should be able to find plenty of helpful volunteers if you turn to parents, teachers and school volunteers.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Mistakes will happen in any fundraiser, so take the opportunity to learn from them. Consider creating a list of lessons learned that you can use the next time you plan a fundraiser or that you can pass on to the next fundraising head.

Have Fun

Fundraising is a lot of work, but it should still be an enjoyable process. Don’t forget to have fun and to enjoy the fundraising process from start to finish.

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The Goodies Factory fundraising company specializes in cookie dough fundraising. In fact, we make our own cookie dough in our FDA inspected facilities. We have over five different cookie brochures, over 15 gift brochures, over 20 types of lollipops and Dollar and Hershey’s candy bars. We also have an extensive prize program which includes daily prize programs and grand prizes like limo lunch and bouncy house.