Recipe for Fundraising Success: Star Fundraising’s Cookie Dough Fundraiser

The Fundraising Network recently contacted Star Fundraising to learn about their cookie dough program.  We found a great program.  Our conclusion was that Star Fundraising is a strong company with the experience and product lines to help just about any fundraising group.  Because they have no minimum order on their cookie dough, they can work with any size group. Combine this with the award-winning Delisheries program (1st place winner in Food Distribution Magazine for Best Cookie Mix), and Star just might be your group’s recipe for fundraising success!

Five excellent qualities that we found were:

1. They provide samples.

2. Diversity of Choices for Fundraiser Customization.

3. Constant Availability.

4. Excellent Quality.

5. Up-front Information with Honesty and Integrity.

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