Successful Fundraising with Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments make a great fundraiser because everyone uses and cherishes them! Each year people unpack them and marvel at their treasures! They hold memories for us so they are a remarkable keepsake from which to fundraise.

First find a company that makes a custom ornament that is well done and that can be personalized especially for your church, school, or organization. There are ones made of brass, pewter, beveled glass, glass balls, etc. Choose one that will represent your group well and one that will stand the test of time. It is a more marketable idea to choose one that could be used all year round, for the Christmas tree as well as hanging in the window or on an ornament stand, and one that is profitable.

Next, make people aware of the unique, personalized ornament that is for sale. Show a sample along with a sign at meetings, before and after church or games, in a press release to the local newspaper, in the church bulletin, etc. Make sure you are where they are! Also make sure they know this is a limited time offer that is collectible and publicize the deadline. Realize that still you will probably get orders as you are selling or after selling is nearly finished. Plan on that and take orders anytime you can. Market to alumni of the church, school, or group too. Anniversaries and special events are great times to do an ornament fundraiser. You can also advertise that this is one of an annual series if you wish to do that. That will help build in a market for next year too.

If you do not sell all of the ornaments, you can market them later in the year. They also make wonderful gifts to visiting pastors or important organization visitors or thank yous to contributors.

Market a personalized Christmas ornament for your next fundraiser! Remember this works well ANY time of the year, not just at Christmas time. It is unique, original and profitable. It will be a memorable keepsake for your buyers.

About the Author

Wullbrandt opened in 1974 creating traditional leaded glass and fine woodworking. They soon added etched glass by sandblasting and then by using acid. Etching is their focus and specialty. Their niche continues to be designing and making distinctive glass pieces for fundraising groups who appreciate original artwork and want to offer a unique, memorable fundraiser that people desire. You can contact Wullbrandt studio on the web at, by email at, or by phone at (641) 456-3580.