Top 10 Tips For Fundraising Success

Katherine, Editor – Skratchers Fundraising Inside

1. Sales Techniques For Better Fundraising
Perfect your introduction. Never start with the question “Would you like to buy…” because the standard answer is ‘NO’. Students should introduce themselves, their group and their group goal with major emphasis on the GOAL. What are the donations going to provide? Student volunteers who communicate the organization’s purpose make better ambassadors. Look “professional” & Say “thank you”. A nice appearance and identifying apparel adds credibility and helps make the sale. If possible, wear a group uniform or a tee shirt with your school logo. Remember to say, “thank you for helping us meet our goal”, and restate the goal.

2. The Right Incentive Prize
What could be worse than no incentive prizes? Investing in incentive prizes that simply don’t motivate your participants! Make sure the prizes you get are relevant to your participant’s age group and interests. Ask them what they’d like to receive as incentives given a certain budget.

3. Motivate Team Work
Top Class or Team Prizes: This is a great way to motivate the kids and get them working as a team – perfect synergy! If you’re a small group, you can create teams by putting your participants in groups of twos, threes or fours. If you’re a school you can do it by class and if you’re a league simply do it by team. You can offer the best selling group a free pizza party, a field trip outing to the place of their choice — ask them what they’d like.

4. Reward The Early Bird
You can offer early bird prizes to the first, second and/or third person who reaches a specific objective by a certain deadline. For example: if you launch the fundraiser on Monday, you can have the first three people that generate $100 in sales or more by Friday receive a $15 gift certificate.

5. Set Clear Goals, Firm Deadlines
The key to fundraising success is to establish clear fundraising goals and set firm deadlines for reaching those goals. Identify what you need, how much money is required and how long it will take to get it. Otherwise, your fundraising activity can be never-ending. So simply set start and end dates for all fundraising projects. That way everybody knows that there will be closure and things won’t drag on.

6. Fundraisers – Do a Few and Do Them Well
Most fundraising companies who work with organizations to raise money agree that with fundraising, less can be more. Your fundraising company should be consulting its customers to do only a few fundraisers, but more importantly, to do them well. Not only should schools and school groups be watchful of their own fundraising efforts, many advise that it is good practice to know what other groups in the area are doing to raise money.

7. Know What Others Are Doing
Today children and their parents are fundraising for their schools in addition to raising money for other groups. So it’s important to know what, where, when and how others are doing in fundraising. The last thing we want to do is duplicate the efforts of others and oversaturate the community. Some groups plan at least one year in advance so that they can coordinate fundraising efforts with neighboring teams, schools and other groups (church, scouts, etc.) who may be selling in the community at the same time.

8. Product Quality Counts
The old saying “You get what you pay for” is true for fundraiser campaigns and they’re fundraising products. The quality of the product you sell to your supporter is a direct reflection of your group. It will also have a direct effect the next time you fundraise. Higher quality fundraising products will leave people with a positive image of your cause. It will also make your current and next fundraiser easier because supporters will be eager to buy from you, resulting in higher profit.

9. Fundraise At Your Games and Events
Have you ever considered selling products in the stands during games, tournaments, and other events? Well you should because more traffic equals higher sales. Plus, you can raise more in less time. Some groups are so good at this, supporters look for them at each game and event.

10. No money to buy up-front? No problem!

Does your group have little money to buy fundraising products up-front? Choose an order-taker fundraiser. Getting an order-taker fundraiser started costs you nothing. Take your orders, collect your money up-front and then place your order with your fundraising company. This is a simple way to raise funds without putting any money up-front.

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