Why is Profit Percentage used as the main factor to assess school fundraising companies?

Let’s begin with a simple mathematic assessment of this question and for ease of example let’s use a discount card fundraiser as the product. We will have to make a few assumptions, but they will be valid assumptions based on our market knowledge.

Group A uses company XYZ and is offered 90% profit on the fundraising discount card program. Assume company XYZ produces a less than average card and sub par discounts. Company XYZ gives the group no guidance on how to properly execute the fundraising program. Because of these factors Group A sells 400 cards at $10 a piece. 400 discount cards X $10 per card X 90% profit margin = $3,600 profit for Group A.

Group B uses company ABC and is offered 60% profit margin on their school discount card program. Assume company ABC does a good job with the discounts on the card and give solid presale advice to the customer. Because of these factors Group B’s discount card program goes much better. Group B sells 1,000 cards. 1,000 discount cards X $10 per card X 60% profit margin = $6,000 profit for Group B.

Obviously these are hypothetical examples, but the take away is very real. When picking a school fundraising company you should ask what you get for your money. Find out what services are provided, what the pre-fundraising strategy is and who is chipping in for the prizes. These factors can be drastically different among companies.

Also be aware that a lot of times in order to get the highest profit percentage there is a non refundable commitment involved. You must be honest with yourself when committing to a portion of the fundraising program because if something goes wrong you are on the hook. Your profit percentage doesn’t look nearly as good if you are paying for unsold product.

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