Why Work With A Fundraising Company

Do you enjoy helping others? Are you involved in fundraising? Are you looking for a totally free way to work from home and make some extra money? Can you send email, post messages on blogs and forums, tell friends? It is honestly that simple…

Do you know people in the United States spend 6 Billion dollar a year on fundraising and associated fundraising products? Would you like to have just a small piece of that action heading into your bank account each month? Well then, read on, you have found the right place. Many fundraising companies are always looking for help to spread the word about their products and service. They know that a “word of mouth” recommendation is the best advertising anyone can get. Think about the last movie you went to see, or book you read. Did you get someone else’s opinion before you took action? You are not alone, and most people feel safe when they hear first-hand how well a fundraising program went, and how much money was raised.

Need a “Work from Home” opportunity? – Why not with a fundraising company?

Avoid the #1 Biggest Mistake? Why should you care if there is a market? Why fish in a stream when you can troll in the ocean? This simple strategy will prevent you from trying to sell ice cream to Eskimos. It will also ensure you have a steady stream of sales, year round. Fundraising is a very popular activity, and think of all the churches, teams, cheerleading squads, boy scout troops that are in your local area?

Yes, this is very important also. Fundraising ideas need to be fresh and new. Look for products that are “niche” and special. Nobody wants to hear that you have a new kind of cookie dough. Unique and custom products allow each group to tailor their campaign and make it special. This also works well for teams who have new players every year and want to add a team photo to their fundraising efforts.

People are tired of slaving away with products, order taking, and inventory. If you have ever been a “Cookie Mom” you will know what we are talking about. Most fundraisers offer returns from 50 – 100% which means that in the best case, they purchase a product for $5 and sell it for $10. This sounds great, but there are many other new fundraising ideas which are much more profitable, and have far fewer hassles. If you were the agent for this sale, even at 20% commission, you would only make $1 per item, hardly worth it. Products with much higher margins will make it much more lucrative for you to offer.

Please do not overlook this as it is critical to success!

1. Do they Process Fundraising Orders Online? This is important because if they do, you should get a record of all referral sales. You can also manually place orders for your customers, and get them processed much quicker and more accurately. Be careful of companies that will tell you that they keep track. Remember the old adage “trust but verify” and look for programs that allow you to see your sales reports real time.

2. Do they offer easy tools to promote their fundraising products? This is important because if you have to generate all the advertising, web links, etc. you are more likely NOT going to make any money, or go to the trouble. Look for programs that have these tools already in place that are easy and simple to use. Each tool should automatically include your special tracking link, so that when you send an email out to friends, coaches, associates, you get credit for sales.

3. Do they have free samples and kits to help the customer make an informed decision? This is important because people like to see and feel what they are purchasing. If you can provide them something they can look at and touch, you will have much greater success. Look for companies that will handle processing all of your sample requests. This feature alone will reduce your workload, and help you make more sales. Kits that help the customer have a safe and profitable fundraiser are also of great benefit to your prospective customers. Ideally these are in PDF format, so that they can easily be downloaded and printed.

4. Do they have multiple ways for processing orders? Many people are very comfortable placing orders online, but there are many who are not. Make sure your fundraising program allows you, as the “agent”, to process orders by hand, by fax, and online. This is very important, because you can carry order forms with you and fill them out when talking to prospective fundraising customers.

Remember, fundraising is a great thing. You are helping others achieve their dreams, and make an impact on the world. You will feel good helping others and this “work from home” opportunity will seem less like a job and more like a service to your community. People will be happy to see you, because you were the person who helped them build the new homes for the homeless, raise money for the cancer walk, or pay for the trip the little league world series.

About the Author

A military veteran with a passion for helping others. Active in Key Club and Kiwanis organizations in his youth, and for many years with the Combined Federal Campaign and Navy League while on active duty. Currently involved with Rotary and supporting local arts organizations. We look forward to being of service and helping you exceed your fundraising goals. Please visit our website for more information.